Feedback From Courses

Here are some comments from feedback forms for my mindfulness courses:

I needed to improve my state of health and well-being by lowering my stress levels. I have found this course very supportive in working towards this aim.

The course has allowed me to enjoy being 'me', to deal with the here and now and just be. I am now calmer than I was at the beginning of the course, even in stressful tantrums at home.

A new life skill with lots of potential for getting more out of life! 

I have found that this will be an invaluable life tool to help me manage my chronic fatigue and stressful events.

I was looking for a tool to help with stress and how I could respond more calmly to multiple demands. I learnt a way of finding space. Really enjoyed it.

I came here out of a sense of desperation, feeling my emotions and daily life were out of control...this course has provided me with tools, now it's up to me to use them. I feel enabled.

My aim on coming on the course was to find out about the technique in order to refer my patients, but I feel everyone should have a basic knowledge of mindfulness from a young age.

This course has acted as a catalyst for change - which was critical for me at this point. Thank you, so, so much.

This course has so far prevented me from having to take anti-depressants and ant-psychotic medications. It has given me an alternative way of viewing things and allowed me to take a step back and make informed decisions.