Sau Wing Lam - Financial Television and Radio Host

"...before I knew it, my parents got old on me. Hey, they are not supposed to do that. They needed more care, which I can't provide. They should enjoy a carefree life without having to worry with everyday things like cooking, cleaning and what to do next. They call Golden Heritage "Home" now ... I see they are much happier and healthier. They have their freedom without my worries."

Lily A.

"... It has been months since Grandma moved into Golden Heritage. She and all of the family are satisfied with everything they provide for her. Although Golden Heritage is catered for Chinese-Americans, Grandma, being Japanese-American, still feels very comfortable there. The Asian food and activities Golden Heritage provides for the residents definitely create a fitting atmosphere. We are all comforted knowing Grandma is very happy at Golden Heritage."

Cheri K.

"... Golden Heritage is a terrific place, and you are all doing so much to make the later years for seniors, emarable ones. All your wonderful work is very much appreciated."

Elizabeth C.

"My siblings and I have been looking for the best choice for our parents' future. We thank you for opening a senior living place in the south bay. We worried about how they were heading downhill as they hit their 80's. Their lifestyle was not getting better. They needed everyday help. Thanks for providing a stable environment for them to grow. We see them doing things they enjoy again."

Anna B.

"I wish to thank Golden Heritage for being the support I needed in caring for my parents.

I wanted my parents to be in a place where they would be safe and cared for. Where they could eat the food that they were accustomed to. Where they can speak their primary language and be understood. To have people around them that honestly cared for their well being and be patient and understanding with all their frailties.

Golden Heritage has fulfilled all my expectations and continues to impress me with all that they have done."

Shirley W.

"We can't speak highly enough about the care Mom has received at Golden Heritage. Every caregiver and staff member has been excellent. They have all been extremely patient and kind as we worked as a team to ensure every detail was handled best according to Mom's needs. She has always been treated with dignity and respect, and we have complete confidence and trust in the care she receives. We are so pleased that we have been telling everyone we know who might have a parent with caregiving needs to consider Golden Heritage."

Ken and Laura G. Darrell and Arlene F.

"Mom lived in a "big name" assisted living for the four years previous to moving to Golden Heritage. Immediately we saw an increase in the level of care and involvement in Mom's care. She is definitely better cared for, and the loving staff at Golden Heritage provides another kind of care that wasn't necessarily available at the previous location. We are very pleased with the conscientiousness of the staff toward Mom. As well, the communication is much better than what we had before. The staff at Golden Heritage does an excellent job communicating with us about Mom's needs (we don't speak Chinese, but it's Mom's first language). This has been a great relief."

Bill and Brenda C

"Our mother has been a resident at Golden Heritage for almost a year. When we visited Golden Heritage for the first time we were very impressed with the staff. You could easily tell they were very responsible, caring, and kind hearted people - exactly the type of people we were looking for to take care of our mother. They have always tried their best to accommodate my mother's needs and wishes, and it is very reassuring to know that our mother is in good hands. The facilities are first rate, and there are many varied activities throughout the day to keep the residents busy and active. We would happily recommend Golden Heritage to anyone looking for an assisted care facility for their loved one."

The Fong Family

"Golden Heritage has been a GREAT support for my mom. The staff have been especially helpful in assisting my mom adjust to her stay there as well as the various transitions that occur on an ongoing basis. I highly recommend Golden Heritage to those that are of Asian decent that are from the mainland - as the staff are culturally sensitive to the different needs of their residents (in language, tradition, and what is considered culturally acceptable in the mainland as opposed to the Western culture); the meals are WONDERFUL and FILLING; the ministry of Golden Heritage and God's presence is evident and transparent. Golden Heritage is a ministry in it of itself and meets the challenges of the residents with much of God's grace and unconditional love, care and concern."

~Resident Family~

"The directors and staff of Golden Heritage provide loving support and quality care for all of their residents. My mother-in-law Rosemary who is 88 years old has made a number of new friends and renewed her social life that was very limited by being home bound in San Francisco. At Golden Heritage, she is quite active seeking new things to do and has adjusted well by participating in most of the daily activities. If you didn't know this is an assisted living place, you would think you were at a vacation resort hotel. Daily activities are planned and displayed on bulletin boards on each floor, and my mother-in-law and many of the residents take part in them. There are periodic outings to neighboring areas of interest in San Jose and Milpitas. Shopping is one of their favorites.

This is a unique setting that is comforting to the seniors who are of Asian decent. The social director is quite creative in inviting Asian entertainers, such as for an afternoon program, Chinese Opera singers from a local church sang songs reminiscent of what I heard when growing up in Chinatown San Francisco. Sunday services are held in Chinese on the fourth floor.

As I see it, Golden Heritage will become the "golden standard" for all other assisted living facilities to follow. My mother-in-law is very comfortable and delighted with Golden Heritage. The staff is most attentive and provides loving care to the elderly. They are constantly checking on the needs of the residents throughout the day, and that is comforting to our family that she is safe and sound."

Alfred K

"It was a difficult time for Mom who was faced with serious health problems as well as life-style changes and adjustments. So, caring for her had not been easy or simple. But Golden Heritage stepped up to each and every challenge. I woke up each day, feeling fortunate to have found Golden Heritage for Mom where she was receiving excellent care. I am very grateful for Golden Heritage staff, especially the personal attention from you in working with me on addressing Mom's care regiment and other concerns. The compassion and dedication you both have for promoting my mom's well-being were unquestionable and truly heart-felt."

Doreen W