About the Event

The ECSA2016 Citizen Science ThinkCamp took place on the 21st of May in Berlin at the Kesselhaus, Kulturbrauerei as part of the first international European Citizen Science Association.

The goal of the ThinkCamp was to open up the event to participation from the Berlin DIY Science and Maker communities, and to encourage collaborations with everyone attending. 

We invited people to submit a Challenge in advance of the event to be worked on together on the day, and also had an Open Category for anybody wanting to propose a challenge on the fly. These collaborations took place on Saturday, and were launced on Friday evening at the Citizen Science Disco with a number of Lightning Talks from the local Berlin DIY-Science community.

For a full Storify of the event, see: https://storify.com/MobileMaggie/ecsa-2016-berlin


19:00 Friday the 20th of May - Citizen Science Disco 

Social event with local Berlin grassroots science communities. Lightning Talks, Intro to Citizen Science ThinkCamp, Drinks & Flammkuchen.

The ThinkCamp launches on Friday with an open social evening to kick back, get inspired and make connections. We will have a line-up (to be announced) of inspiring lightning talks from interdisciplinary co-created community projects, both local and international, followed by the chance to mingle and make new friends. 

This event includes free snacks, a cash bar, and a live DJ following the talks.

10:30 - 17:00 Saturday the 21st of May - Citizen Science ThinkCamp 

'Unconference' event in parallel with the ECSA Conference sessions that you are also welcome to attend - including refreshments and lunch.  

See the full programme of ECSA Panel Sessions + ThinkCamp online here.  

What is a ThinkCamp?

ThinkCamps are a hybrid “unconference” style event (drawing on the Open Space, BarCamp and Hackathon formats) that provide an open and creative environment for developing new ideas and projects. ThinkCamps invite participants from a diverse range of disciplines, skill-sets and experiences to collaborate together on addressing problems, rising to challenges, and taking advantage of new opportunities. At the ECSA ThinkCamp these will take the form of Citizen Science Challenges.

It’s a great opportunity to work together with people with different perspectives, skills, and expertise – not to mention getting fresh inspiration, meeting potential new collaborators, and even getting involved in exciting new projects!

How does the ThinkCamp Work?

On the day, you will be presented with a number of Challenges to explore and invited to join the discussion at the ‘working group’ table around that issue. You may be drawn to a Challenge based on your experience, your skills, your personal interests, or simply because you have a fresh take on the problem. The goal is to harness some of that fantastic gathered brain-power and experience for creative problem-solving and the generation of new ideas.

As with any Open Space the ‘Law of 2 Feet’ applies – you should feel free to move amongst the Challenges based on what you can learn, contribute, or simply enjoy being part of.

There will be a Show & Tell at the end of the day, for each Challenge ‘owner’ and the teams that emerged to present back to all Conference attendees what took shape during the ThinkCamp. Support will be offered by the ThinkCamp organisers to take any of those ideas forward beyond the event itself.

What were the Challenges?

1. The ECSA Inclusiveness Challenge - How can we make ECSA a more inclusive organisation?

2. The WeCureALZ ‘Engaging Diversity’ Challenge - Help us design unique & effective strategies to engage and retain diverse communities.

3. The CitSci Communities of Europe Challenge - Mapping the citizen science communities of Europe: how and why should we do this?

4. The Overleaf Collaborative Writing Challenge - How can Overleaf support collaborative writing between academics and citizen scientists?

5. The Museum Data-Visualisation Challenge - Help us make the visualisations of observation data gathered in the field more engaging and dynamic for our field-based Citizen Science projects.

6. The HealthSites.io ‘CitSci for Health’ Challenge - What Citizen Science projects become possible with the health facilities geo data being mapped on the HealthSites.io platform?

7. The Motion-sensing Camera Trap Challenge - Help us to design and build a DIY Camera Trap for Citizen Scientists around the World

8. YOUR Citizen Science Challenge - Would YOU like to pose a Challenge at the ThinkCamp? We’ll have paper and pens ready for you to pitch your Challenge on the day, and kick-off a new discussion!

This last category is for ‘Open Pitches’ , open to anyone who would like to issue a Challenge on the fly on the day itself. So you can just rock up and get creative with a Poster and a Pitch to all who are participating!

How do I Register?

If you are not already attending the European Citizen Science Association Conference, then you can register for FREE via Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.de/e/citizen-science-thinkcamp-and-disco-tickets-24654614616