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Business Incubator

Early stage alternate energy companies that are clients of AEC’s Business Incubator division will be provided with office space as well as scheduled access to AEC’s laboratory facilities for product development.  Business Incubator clients will be able to obtain consulting and training services from the Educational Services and Forums division and the Business Incubator division for entrepreneurship and strategic planning seminars, business plan development workshops and venture capital contacts.  As these corporate clients grow and seek larger physical accommodations, they will continue to be able to obtain AEC laboratory access and will become members of the AEC Forum group.


Business Incubator Mission Statement:


It shall be the mission of the Business Incubator Division to facilitate the development and growth of early-stage alternate energy related companies through the provision of mission-critical information, office space, laboratory access, focused corporate university-oriented educational opportunities and management consulting services to the Business Incubator Division’s clients.