About GoedeWaar.nl

GoedeWaar.nl offers the consumer a fair choice

GoedeWaar.nl is a consumer organization that is committed to sustainable consumption. Herein the focus is on people, animals and environment.
Sustainability research is carried out by GoedeWaar.nl in order to enable consumers to make fair and ethical choices.

The impact of buying behaviour

Of the thousands of products that are available in the shops, the majority are made in countries where sustainability is not a primary focus. For consumers this raises a lot of questions, such as, under which circumstances are my jeans made? Is it really necessary to use chemicals to produce cotton? At GoedeWaar.nl, we are looking for answers to these questions. Not only because the consumer has the right to make a fair and ethical choice, but also because the buying behavior of conscious consumers can ultimately lead to sustainable development, fair trade, and the reduction of poverty.
Incentives on sustainability

Now more than ever, people want to know the circumstances under which the products they are buying are being produced, and if they are being made responsibly. GoedeWaar.nl collects, analyses and publishes information about the sustainability of products and production practices. The results of these activities are two-fold: GoedeWaar.nl stimulates conscious consumption and the demand for fairly produced products, while simultaneously encouraging companies to increase their sustainability.