Godwin Heights
  Acceptable Use

Please take some time to look over the resources on these webpages. 

If you do not agree with the Board of Education Acceptable Use Policies listed on this website, you must go to the district office located at 15 - 36th st. S.E. and fill out an OPT-OUT form. This form needs to be on file in our district administration building. If no documentation is on file, it will be assumed that permission has been granted for access to computer, network and internet use.  In addition GHPS will require that parents and guardians sign a permission form for use of the Godwin Heights Public Schools Google Apps for Education. 

Digital Citizenship    

A positive approach to learning how to be safe, secure, smart and effective participants in a digital world. This means understanding your rights and responsibilities, recognize the benefits and risks, and realize the personal and ethical implications of their actions.

Digital Literacy:
Learning how to find, sort, manage, evaluate, and create information in digital forms. Digital literacy encompasses:
  • all digital devices (all hardware including cell phones)
  • software
  • the Internet
A person using these skills to interact with society may be called a digital citizen.

Safety & Security

Understanding the risks that we face from others as well as from our own conduct, and the dangers posed by applications like viruses and phishing.

Includes being knowledgeable about:
  • Personal information shared online
  • Monitoring access and blocking of inappropriate sites
  • Security of a home network and digital devices

Ethics & Community
Becoming aware of and practicing appropriate and ethical behaviors in a variety of digital environments. This area includes shaping your digital reputation and being a responsible citizen of the communities in which you participate, from social networks, to games, to civic forums.”