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Hello, my name is : Stijn Gabeler i was born in · Alkmaar (gemeente) · in 1977 on the 5th of August. I am a filmfan and love to see about 200 to 250 movies a year in cinema.
As a gold-member of the Pathé cinema's i can enjoy the movies and write about these films some reviews. Maybe this is what can make you happy and help you to become aware about certain points in life.

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Yesterday 23-07-2014 i found a book in Amsterdam : "The Postman" - in Dutch "De postbode" - Ïl postino
Winner of 1 oscar for the best film music and 1 BAFTA Award for best foreign film 1994/1995 - -
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Author David Brin discusses his post-apocalyptic novel, The Postman -- and compares it with the 1997 movie by Kevin Costner. The Postman tells the tale of a ...

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