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GODOGOOD has made it up to Chicago,.. Artists made a gallery with the name and provide support for charity.

https://www.google.nl/search?q=GODOGOOD&tbm=vid&source=lnmhttps://www.google.nl/search?q=GODOGOOD&tbm=vid&source=lnm https://www.google.nl/search?q=GODOGOOD&tbm=vid&source=lnm
On a beach party the name GO DO GOOD was presented to a bigger public.
hastag GODOGOOD was the way to reach out to people online by twitter and facebook.
#godogood is still a great way to express your commitment to charity projects
Wearing a GO DO GOOD / GODOGOOD Tshirt will make people aware about your concerns and commitment.
Charity is something we do together, that's why the slogan : GODOGOOD helps us to become bigger and better together.

The logo and brandname was registrated since 1999 by the initiator : Stijn C.R.E.C.Gabeler in the Netherlands in Alkmaar.
Since 18-10-1999 www.godogood.com is active as a network / portal / educational group of people who support charity.
Stichting GODOGOOD / GODOGOOD International / GODOGOOD Nederland and @godogood / hastag #godogood are intended to make people aware and active for charity world-wide.

Since 2012 GODOGOOD.TV Started to provide a PRESS-AGENCY
Journalists can join GODOGOOD Network as writers, photographers, filmers, journalist / press and help to report news about charity organisations, educational organisations,