Help Stijn to go to the USA.


In 2007, Stijn went to NYC to see the city with his own eyes.

The initiator of GODOGOOD was able to film and make many pictures on a tape camera.


In 2008 Stijn wanted to go to LA, bought a ticket to San Diëgo and flew to Chicago to get his connection to the next airoplane, but was refused by cbp because of not having an adress and a visa waiver problem by not having an adress to sleep,

with 1000 Euro cash and an open ticket Stijn hoped to visit the US for 100 days, to see the west coast and meet the people of San Diëgo upto LA and maybe Vegas,..


Unfortunately Stijn hasn't got the budget to go to the US and realy wishes to be a journalist with the possiblity to film people and interview charitable-organisation-leaders or volunteers and workers who are helping people and people who protect animals or are practicing yoga and live a vegan lifestyle.


Stijn wishes to film in Hollywood, to meetup with people from the movies.

Stijn also wishes to report on High-Tech projects and productions or big events and congresses.

As a journalist Stijn is motivated to travel around the world and to interview people who are willing and able to tell their stories.


GODOGOOD INTERNATIONAL now searches for sponsors, investors, partners and members to get this project started and to get Stijn Gabeler into the US as a Journalist for WhoWhereWhat.TV productions. Follow Stijn and help as a volunteer or subscribe as a member and get updates by mail, whatsapp or online on facebook, google plus or youtube and other social media.


help to create journalistic approach on charitable projects, support GODOGOOD.


The idea is to visit the USA and travel from LA to New York on a (foldable)-bike
100 cycling, 200 days to interview 200 people, to produce 200 online interviews.
To show the continent, the cultural diversity and 200 people who are active for charity.
If you know a place for us to visit, you can contact GODOGOOD by mail to:
info@godogood.nl / or WhoWhereWhat.TV@gmail.com 

Banknummer : ING NL45 INGB 0006385884 TNV : STICHTING GODOGOOD Te Alkmaar

You can make a difference...
Become one of the 250 people who can make this project possible.
250 x 10 Euro monthly needed to travel from LA to NYC in 2016


The goal is to reachout for 1 million people,... 
To ask their support for charity organisations by donating 10 Euro monthly.
With this result we can be active and help charity organisations world wide.

90% of every donation needs to go to the chosen charity organisations.

The idea is to travel from LA to NYC on an electric-bike or (foldable)-bike.
To promote cycling and a better world campaign. To help charity organisations.

1 day cycling, 2 days on a location... searching for 200 people to interview and follow.
To film a documentairy / film and 200 interviews for public production online.
Youtube productions for people who donate 10 Euro monthly.


We will try to visit big cities,famous people, schools and universities, volunteers ...
If you know someone who is active for a charity in the USA and we could stay in the near to registrate a one day - youtube production about their activities... please notice us.


This total is needed to visit the 100 different locations, to travel from West to East and to rent an electric-bike and electric-car, for food-supply and hostells or hotels to stay.

The goal is to reach for 25.000 new members in the USA and Europe, to reach for a monthly donation of 10 Euro a month (120 Euro a year) 
together this is 3.000.000 Euro.
To divide this over 9 causes / charities / charitable organisations. 90% 
and 10% for Stichting GODOGOOD / GODOGOOD.TV PRESS AGENCY / GODOGOOD INTERNATIONAL projects and follow-


The dream is to visit 100 different locations, to connect to 200 people and interview each person for at least 10 minutes, to upload a daily youtube production.
After the 365 days tour from city to city, from charity to charity project and from volunteer to volunteer,... we wish to create a serious film-documentairy.
The target is to raise money for 9 causes, global giving organisations, charity organisations, doing good events, social projects.
We are still searching for sponsors, investors, partners, members and advertisors to make this tour a great succes.




The project is a concept that only works with the support of people.

The goal is to raise money for charity during 365 days by travelling from West to East.
From Los Angelos to New York, starting on the 1st of Januari 2016 until the 31st of December 2016.


For contact, possibilities, suggestions and remarks or requests
Send an email to info@godogood.nl
or contact by phone +31622869860
Sent us an SMS / text or whatsapp message or call.

Thanks for reading our project plan.
Keep in contact and stay updated by connecting to the network.


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Godogood (Stichting) - STICHTING GODOGOOD
Banknummer : ING NL45 INGB 0006385884 TNV : STICHTING GODOGOOD Te Alkmaar

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