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As a journalist, Stijn Gabeler will try to find stories to publish and ways to inform people of the EU about migration, international businesses and global issues. 

More about this topic later. https://sites.google.com/site/euiapress/

Stichting GODOGOOD , is an online initiative since 1999, and a foundation since 2012

The concept is to create online content for charitable organisations and to do research about life, earth and science.
Participation can be done by anyone, anywhere, anyhow.... So think about: Who you are & Who you wish to be.
Where are you now? Where do you want to go?
What do you do and what can you do for the world?
#GODOGOOD / Pay it forward !

EUIA PRESS RELEASED 9-8-2017 21:26
On the 8th of October 2017 the initiator of EUIA PRESS Stijn C.R.E.C.Gabeler, initiator of GODOGOOD INTERNATIONAL and WhoWhereWhat.TV : expert candidature number: EX2017D309329 will travel to Brussel to visit the EU-EC to follow the workshops and connect to people of the EU. To get information and find ways to work together with people working on EU projects.

cv online
Stijn Gabeler is de initiator van Stichting GODOGOOD en zoekt sociale contacten waarmee hij activiteiten kan opzetten.

Do you like to make video's? Are you daily or weekly active making photo's and video's with your mobile phone?
Help GODOGOOD International to provide news about charitable organisations, social media platform news, cultural and educational innovations, tech-news,... together we can provide the best of internet. Let's work together.
Just tell us you are with us by using the hastag : GODOGOOD. @GODOGOOD Twitter

#GODOGOOD #websurvey for #press and #journalists #freedomofpress activities and online network, platform for #journalisticeducation and #journalisticapproach on #EU and #EuropeanIssues , #GlobalNews and #pressreleases ,... #whowherewhatTV http://www.WhoWhereWhat.tv

GODOGOOD is active online on websites, blogs and youtube channels. the intention is to help people, to share knowledge and to create projects and productions to support charity. We also wish to create a new label - Charity Water Trademark for Global Support to Charity Organisations.
Hoping to get your attention, we are searching for people who are willing and able to donate 10 Euro monthly , starting with a first donation of 120 Euro for the first year, to get things going and to make a Bottle stand for charity by the expression of Water - in a bottle for Charity.
The first 125 people who can donate 120 Euro to Stichting GODOGOOD - GODOGOOD.ORG - https://ello.co/godogood
Help to create the new product - CHARITY WATER - MAXIMAAL AAACWA - RED - WHITE - BLUE - ORANGE - BOTTLES.
Selling for 0,50 Euro x 240 bottles - reselling price for 1 Euro each bottle, - Get 120 Euro back and earn money for c

Stichting GODOGOOD heeft op dit moment geen ingeschreven vrijwilligers.
U kunt zich inschrijven door een email te sturen met CV, motivatie en een eventueel alvast een aantal profiel foto's (minimaal 1) 
Stuur deze mail naar GODOGOOD@gmail.com ter vermelding van : Registratie vrijwilliger voor GODOGOOD.

Er zijn in totaal 3 betalende donateurs, die maandelijks 10 Euro storten naar de ING van Stichting GODOGOOD.
Hiervan worden de domeinen betaald en de eventuele kosten voor het maken van promoties, publicaties, projecten en producties binnen dit budget en de mogelijkheden om te kunnen groeien.

Stijn C.R.EC.Gabeler, initiator en oprichter van Stichting GODOGOOD sinds het begin. 
Vanuit Nederland is de Initiator van Stichting GODOGOOD actief sinds 1999 en benaderbaar via info@godogood.nl of +31(0)622869860 voor eventuele bezoeken, contact en besprekingen, verzoeken voor een interview of een aanbod kunt u indienen via mail met een duidelijke uitleg. Telefonisch contact is nodig mits dit voor een bevestiging en overleg vereist is voordat U kunt verwachten dat de initiator van GODOGOOD, GODOGOOD International, GODOGOOD Nederland en Stichting GODOGOOD werkelijk kan voldoen aan de wensen.

FakeNewsNetworkGroup wishes to provide you a clear point-of-view on a difficult matter, Fake News is spreading around the internet and is going global around many media-networks, news agencies sometimes spread information and make news that isn't real or reliable.

With factcheckers we wish to provide the facts and figures.