Support Stichting GODOGOOD with a donation.
Thanks for your attention and your affection to help GODOGOOD.
By donating a donation you help the fundraising club GODOGOOD to create new projects.

Needed funding : 60.000 Euro / 6000 donations of 10 Euro.
Members / 120 Euro yearly / ... 60.000 = 500 people needed to join the network.

Needed funding: 20.000 Euro / 2000 donations of 10 Euro.
Donate to this project to create a documentairy movie.
The concept is to film 5 to 6 people who are Vegan and also do Yoga, .. Why are they doing it? How are they motivated?
- what are the results?

On this page GODOGOOD wishes to provide you the information to get a higher income and to be aware about your current financial state.

Here’s what a successful donation website should do:

  • Ask your website visitors to donate
  • Make potential donors feel comfortable donating by providing them the information they want
  • Process your donations instantly into your payment account (like PayPal)
  • Send automated tax receipts to donors
  • Collect donor info straight into your database
  • Create summaries of your donations and tell you how far you are to your goal
  • Make it easy to keep in touch with your donors through scheduled emails

Sell Products and Raise Money for Your Favourite Cause                      (online banking)
STICHTING GODOGOOD uses the IBAN of the ING bank to rais money from new members and donations from people who wish to support the creativity and opening of social awareness.
Banknummer : ING NL45 INGB 0006385884 TNV : STICHTING GODOGOOD Te Alkmaar

The initiator of GODOGOOD : Stijn C.R.E.C.Gabeler uses the Rabobank for privat and personal expenses. 

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School Drop Out Billionaires + Successful Entrepreneurs

Do you want to learn how to become a billionaire in 10 years or less?

One: Get a percentage.
Two: Buy distressed businesses in great industries. 
Three: Use your brand as leverage to strike a favorable deal. 
Four: Use social media to keep your brand relevant.

1. Wireless Power

2. Rural, Remote Internet

3. Cheap, Scalable Solar

4. Clean Coal

5. Super-Low-Cost International Payments

6. A Pill That Really Makes You Lose Weight

7. Cheap Desalination

8. Detecting Or Predicting Major Weather Or Natural Events

9. Unhackable Passwords

10. Death / Anti-Death Project : defeating death itself  / genetics researchers 

check a salary standard. HIGHER INCOMES


11. Pilot

How do I do it?

whether selling stuff, working from home or going online.

Give yourself a 25% pay rise

Pay off debts with savings

Get paid every time you spend

Get all benefits/state pension

Don't accept pitiful savings rates

Use your credit rating to stooze

Flog what you've got: Declutter and sell it!

Stop the cycle.
What to do about it
Have a backup plan.
Identify your triggers.
Small amounts add up.
My spending decisions are unhealthy.

to make more money:

  1. Freelancing
  2. Productizing
  3. Getting a higher salary

10 Ways to Make Money on the Side

Sell old stuff

Work Freelance

Start the Countdown

Sell Yourself and be a model,..
Cover Your Car with Advertisements
Staff Special Events or Conventions
Be an Agent for a Direct Selling Company
Become a Mystery Shopper, Get payed to shop
Rent Out a Spare Room in Your House, Share your costs
Work at a HoReCa organisation. People need to eat, drink, sleep,..
Become a Test Subject for a research lab, know how far you can go!

making real money takes time. There's no such thing as a free lunch.

Work is about the money. Work only becomes not about the money when you have sufficient income – however you define sufficient income – to support your chosen life style.

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