A to Z

A to Z - why GODOGOOD ?
- Adding value to life with a great phylosophy and a name that stands for Quality and Quantity. GODOGOOD is for everyone.
- Buying camera's and microphones to support journalists international and to help people to tell their story.
- Create Educational Tools for children to learn languages and to learn how to tell a story.
- Doing what we can to help others, bringing awareness to places where it is needed. Sharing thoughts and knowledge open.
- Empower people and create a loving and peaceful environment. Making people feel needed and help them to find their mission.
- Focus on a world-wide vision : Peace - Love - Unity * GODOGOOD - Pay it forward and Be part of the change.
- Giving and Getting attention, interest, desire and affection to create actions and changes we need for the better.
- Having something special, Holding on to a legacy, Since 1999 the initiator inspired people to take a chance and GODOGOOD.
- Inventing and Innovating, Always open for new ways and new things, Seeing the future by living in the now. Let's GODOGOOD
- Join the team, Join the movement, Join the network .. GODOGOOD International is for everyone.
- Keep in touch and Keep us updated, Keep in contact and know that sharing thoughts is a daily thing for people at GODOGOOD.
- Live and Let Live ... Love Life and Live it, Let love live --- Living together is inspiring others by being the best you you can be.
- Make it happen, Make a change possible, Music - Movies - Magic - All moments shared at GODOGOOD are magical
- New Now Network, News, New ways, National and International - Name it and we can be it, Now at GODOGOOD, you and who?
- Opportunaties, Openness, Overview, Organisation for a global change,..
- Peace, Projects, People, Planet, Profit : GODOGOOD is open for everyone : Pay it forward !!!
- Quality and Quantity is it. GODOGOOD is a name that stands for Quick and easy solutions, Questioning to get the answers.
- Ready, Real, Required Reasons, Random or Rated and always on the road ... Reporters for GODOGOOD are always welcome.
- Share, Save, Support, Sent, Stand-in or Solve and create Sollutions, ... Stijn and a crew - Sense and Simplicity, thatś godogood.nl
- Team, Take Care, Together, To Empower and To work together, To be who you are, Try-it, Tell it forward, GODOGOOD.org is yours
- Unity, Use all sources and unawareness will become awareness, U&I , Union, UP and all roads to take. U can be GODOGOOD
- Vision, Value and Variety, Verbs - Vocal - Verbal - Very important, V.I.P.'s - Volunteers at GODOGOOD are always very important.
- Wish - Wonderful Ways - Watch and be part of it - Wake me up befor we go go ! We can do it - Why not? GODOGOOD.com
- X stands for Xenial - (comparative more xenial, superlative most xenial - Hospitable, especially to visiting strangers or foreignersthe relation between a host and guest; friendly.
From Ancient Greek ξενία (ksenia, “guest-friend, stranger”). or otherwise X stands for anything = X GODOGOOD.
- You & i, Yours to give and yours to take, YourWorld - OurWorld - .. more Y words <<< find Yourself with GODOGOOD