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Day 10

About Today
Today is the introduction of a Kagan structure - Carousel Feedback.  As with many other strategies or methods, sometimes training is necessary to completely understand the implementation.  Even if you have not been trained in Kagan, this structure is a way you can try an aspect of the program.   


 Content Objectives
 Language Objectives
 Active Participants Will...   Active Participants Will...
  • Evaluate information about the presented Kagan structure and how technology serves as a complementary tool.
  • Predict possible implementation methods for this structure
  • Reflect on presented information.

  • Read information about the presented Kagan structure
  • Compose thoughts on a potential implementation, or completed implementation, of this structure.
  • Quick write a constructive comment verifying daily participation.

Kagan Structure: Carousel Feedback

Below you will find a slideshow presentation with information about the Kagan structure, Carousel Feedback.  This is by no means meant to fully explain the Kagan philosophy for cooperative learning or step by step how to implement the structure.  It is meant to be a guide an provide basic information about how the structure can be implemented in your classroom and ideas to help you if you would like to try using it with students.  Take a few minutes to review the slideshow below as well as the suggestions for integrating technology found at the end.  

If you are unable to view the presentation below, please click here.