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Day 12

About Today
Yay!  Day 12 has arrived - you made it!  Hopefully during these 12 days, you have been able to explore some new ideas and resources.  If you have completed all 12 days of the 2013 EdTech Cheer, you should have a place online to put your stuff and have added some resources.  Now is the time to share your experience and what you have learned.

Learning Target
Take a moment to reflect on your learning experience and share on your blog or website what you have learned over the past 12 days and then post your link below.

The End is Here!

Congrats!  You have made it to the last day!

If you have participated in each day, for a minimum of 15 minutes each day, you have accumulated 180 minutes (or 3 hours) of professional development!  Hopefully it was something you could feel a sense of accomplishment with and not something you dreaded each day!

On your website (or other place for your "stuff"), write a reflection on your learning and share the link below. (If you are unable to view the collection of links listed below, please click here.)

2013 EdTech Cheer Participant Data

Remember on Day 1, there was a survey for participants to complete (hint, hint - if you didn't fill it out on Day 1, feel free to do so now!)?  I thought I would share the results of survey to show the range of people participating.  

To view data and charts that summarize information about the participants of the 2013 EdTech Cheer, please click here to view a spreadsheet of data.

Digital Badge for Participation

This year, the GLPS Tech & Media Team has been issuing digital badges for teacher participation in professional development opportunities.  Now is your chance to earn a badge for your participation in the 2013 EdTech Cheer!  The great thing is that you don't even need to be a GLPS teacher to earn it!  Simply write a reflection on your 12 day journey and post the link in Section 1 above (make sure to include your email address!) and a digital badge will be emailed to you!