Why Choose Phoenix?

No Riots

No Snow

No Floods

No Oil Spills

No Humidity

No Tsunamis

No Mudslides

No Tornadoes

No Hurricanes

No Mosquitoes

No Earthquakes

No Terror Attacks

No Nuclear Meltdowns

No Daylight Saving Time


Two Zoos

Great Hiking

Three Aquariums

Gorgeous Weather

First Fridays Art Walk

300+ Days of Sunshine

Spring Training Baseball

World's Largest City Park

New 20 Mile Metro System

Friendly, Hospitable People

Giant New Convention Center

Average Temperature of 74.2F

Airport 2 Miles from Downtown

Sixth Largest City in United States

Fifth Youngest City in United States

Largest Capital City in United States

ASU - Largest University in United States

Eleventh Largest Metro Area in United States


Just 120 Miles to Sedona's Red Rocks

Just 220 Miles to Grand Canyon National Park

Just a Little Farther to Painted Desert, Petrified Forest, and Monument Valley

Provided By Ben Bethel

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