Leadership Team

Those that work with the youth

The Wisconsin Army Cadets is for those young men and women who are motivated to learn the values and traditions of the United States Army and is closely patterned after the United States Army. This unit is commanded by non-paid professional officers of the Wisconsin Army Cadets Officers' Corps. These non-paid professionals are carefully screened and commissioned through an approved process that includes criminal background checks, military screening, and required training. Additional adult volunteers who have been carefully screened and completed background checks are essential to helping run the program and coordinating events.


Commanding Officer: CPT Chris Lauerman chris.lauerman@gocadets.org

Supply Officer: 1LT Rob Verhagen rob.verhagen@gocadets.org

Unit Administrator: Mrs. Terri Verhagen terri.verhagen@gocadets.org

Public Affairs Officer: 2LT Alicia Verhagen public.affairs@gocadets.org

Family Readiness Group Coordinator: Mrs. Corinne Youngquist family.readiness@gocadets.org

Technology Manager: Dr. Jenna Linskens admin@gocadets.org

Administrative Officer: 1LT Andrew Kirkpatrick andrew.kirkpatrick@gocadets.org

Founding Member and Senior Military Advisor: COL Brian Blahnik brian.blahnik@gocadets.org