Army Cadets Xperience FAQs

Q: Do the Scouts get yelled at?

A: We don't yell, we project! With loud strong encouragement the Scouts will know who is in charge. Respect for your Scouts, leaders and the trainers is expected.

Q: Is this event dangerous?

A: All activities and training is at a level reasonable for your Scouts and is risk assessed for each event. We don't do anything considered dangerous. Challenging, yes!

Q: What do the adults do, do they get yelled at?

A: Adults are treated with the utmost respect, they have the option to participate in activities or stand aside. They can train or watch as they see fit. The only thing we ask is that you let the trainers train. We also ask adults to be part of the platoon when we hold formations and marching, unless they want to skip the march and ride the bus.

Q: Are females allowed at the event?

A: Absolutely! This event is open to units of the Boy Scouts of America and their members. Separate facilities for sleeping are provided.

Q: Will you provide additional information once we register?

A: Yes, you will receive a complete set of instructions for preparation, arrival and onsite activities. We also send a templated set of "orders" you can include with your units event flyer.

Q:Do I have to register EVERY adult attending even if they are just driving?

A: Yes, all adults 21 and older need to be included on your reg from including drivers but you DO NOT have to pay for them if they aren't staying for the event. Fort McCoy requires checks on all adults coming on post.

Q: What kinds of things do we do?

A: Lots... formations, physical fitness training, squad movements, weapons familiarization (these are training devices NOT live weapons), marching, drill and ceremony, cadences, Meals Ready to Eat (MRE), dining hall meals, military vehicle and museum tours, night mission, handling and wearing combat gear, land navigation, base tour for adult leaders, and so much more! An experience you will never forget, once in a lifetime opportunity. See and do things most people will never get to!

Q: Have you done these camps before?

A: Yes we are in our 22nd year of these camps. More than 3,000 youth have experienced these camps with many unit leaders saying it was one of their most amazing experiences.

Q: I have a ton of questions, who do I talk to?

A: Email questions or concerns to COL Brian Blahnik at (Senior Military Advisor on site)