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Practice Warm-Up

All students should start their practice session with proper posture. An easy way for them to align their bodies properly is to imagine a string coming out of the top of their head, suspending them from the ceiling while gravity pulls the rest of them firmly to the ground. See below for suggested practice times and PDF's of instrument specific posture and position information.

Suggested Daily Practice Time Minimums*:
Intro to Strings (grade 5 & 6) - 15 to 20 minutes
Advanced Beginning Strings (grade 5 & 6) - 30 minutes
String Foundations 1 - 20 minutes
String Foundations 2 - 30 minutes
Symphony Orchestra - 40 minutes
Chamber Orchestra - 50 minutes

*Remember that these are the optimal time allotments for practice, however students should always be practicing for outcomes, not just time.  If a student only has 15 minutes to practice, THAT'S OK, as long as that time is spent with a focus on at least 1 or 2 objectives. Students are building muscle memory in addition to reinforcing note-reading, ear-training and musical concepts. Consistency is the key!

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