Course Syllabus


            8th Grade Social Studies is a cross-cultural exploration of themes of social injustice, human rights, and social movements. Students will incorporate prior knowledge of foundations of government and revolution in order to analyze the motivations and reactions to social injustice across countries, cultures, and eras. Rather than explore history solely in terms of chronological events and time periods, this course will utilize thematic units in a method that encourages a holistic and dynamic understanding of historical trends and events.


            Students in this course gain knowledge in historical content, as well as skills in historical inquiry and research. The goal for this course is to create critical and creative thinkers who can use the lessons of history to formulate solutions to current problems and challenges. Students will develop these skills through a plethora of learning experiences including readings, writing, research, debating, personal and group reflection, presentations, and projects.


Content & Themes:

 ·      Evaluation of Resources

·      Propaganda & the Use of Information

·      Immigration & Refugees

·      Industrialization & Labor Rights

·      Suffrage & Women’s Rights

·      Discrimination & Prejudice

·      American Constitutional Amendments

·      Universal Declaration of Human Rights

·      Genocide

·      Trends in Political Rhetoric

·      Marginalization & Social Exclusion

·      Civil Rights Movements

·      Roles of the Individual in Social Change

·      Trends in Social Movements 


Targeted Skills: 

·      Historical Comprehension

·      Historical Analysis and Interpretation

·      Historical Research

·      Chronological Thinking

·      Evaluation of Cause & Effect

·      Application of Historical Events & Themes to Modern Issues

·      Media Literacy

·      Problem Solving: Analysis & Decision Making

·      Collaboration

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