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If you find yourself in the middle of a challenging section, I hope you'll take GREAT notes, visit the Math Tutor Room, come in to see me for extra help and/or work with a friend.  You have to work HARDER as the material becomes more challenging.  Make me proud!


If you're visiting this site "just because" then GOOD FOR YOU.  If you're here because you weren't in class today, we missed you!  Get notes from a friend as well and visit the math tutor room if necessary.  When you return to class, remember to check the folder (for your class period) to get any papers that were passed out during your absence.  Let me know if I can help you before/after school. Take those vitamins and get plenty of sleep, because it's always better to be IN CLASS!  Now, find the link for your class and get ready to have some MATH FUN!!!  


Reminder:  Please remember that if you miss ONLY the DAY BEFORE a test is given, you will still take the test with your class.   No new material is taught the day before a test that you would be expected to master over night!


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Class slides (by course) - Choose the correct date to see what we did in class today. (PLEASE also get notes from a friend and see me for extra help.)  Simply "click" on the underlined link to view the appropriate slides.  I usually keep the slides posted for just a few days after we test over a chapter or big unit.   I don't keep the daily slides on for the entire year... too much for the site to save. 

 (Check for some of the class examples/outlines
 in printable form down below)

    Honors Geometry


     April 18                AIR test prep - probability (Go figure, probability on a geometry test!)

     April 19                 AIR test prep - probability and counting 

     April 20                 AIR test prep - combinations and permutations

     April 26                 12.4 - Volume:  Prisms, cylinders, and cubes

     April 27                 12.5 - 12.6:  Volume:  pyramids, cones, spheres and hemispheres

     May 1                   Volume

     May 2                   Volume

     May 3                   Volume

     May 5                   Volume conversions

     May 8                   Volume conversions

     May 9                   Volume/area apps. (HW hints)

     May 10                 Volume/area apps. (HW hints)

     May 11                  Fireplace app.

     May 12                  Garage door/window trim app.

     May 15                  barn - paint/roofing app.

     May 17                 Counting principles - combinations and permutations

     May 18                 Counting principles

     May 19                 Counting principles

     May 22                 Counting principles

     May 23                 Probability

     May 24                 Exam prep.

     May 25                 Exam prep.

     May 26                  Exam prep.

  information for my 8th graders:

     Friday (5/19) and Friday (5/26):  You should stay at AMS since we have assemblies both days.

    Tuesday (5/30):  You need to stay until 9:30 to take the hon. geometry exam.

    Wednesday (5/31) and Thursday (6/1):  You should stay at AMS since 1st period doesn't occur on either of those days.

  AIR test questionnaire                  Course scheduling 


       Links for online practice AIR test:  

       Ohio (short) -  http://oh.portal.airast.org/ocba/

       Florida but still good practice

    Honors Algebra II


     May 1               11.1 - sequences

     May 2               11.2 - Arithmetic sequences

     May 3               11.2 - Arithmetic Sequences/Series (sums)

     May 4                Sequence apps.

     May 5                Geometric Sequences

     May 8                Geometric Sequences

     May 9                Geometric Sequences (repeat of the Monday examples since 3rd period
                                 needed to see them!  I think I've added a few better notes/comments.

     May 10               Geometric Sequences & Sums (series)

     May 11                Arith./Geom. sequence extra practice

     May 12                Sequence wrap up - TEST on Monday (5/15)

     May 16                9.1 & 9.2 - solve a system of equations

     May 17                 9.5 - inequalities and systems

     May 18                 Matrices

     May 19                 Matrices

     May 22                 Matrices

     May 23                 ACT prep.

     May 25                 Exam prep.

     May 26                 Exam prep.




     April 17              5.4 - basic sine/cosine graphs, amplitude and period

     April 18              5.4 - Determine a sine/cosine equation for a given graph

     April 19              5.4 - Determine a sine/cosine equation for a given graph     

     April 20              5.4 supplement - Determine the equation of a trig. graph 

     April 21              determine the equation of a trig. graph  

     April 24              Trig. graphs and sinusoid apps. (ex. #1)

     April 26              sinusoid apps. (ex. #2)

     April 27              sinusoid apps. (ex. #3)

     May 1                sinusoid apps.

     May 2                sinusoid apps.

     May 4                reduce a trig. expression

     May 5                reduce a trig. expression

     May 8                 Complete #5 - #12 on the HW handout (The examples were done on Friday.)

     May 9                6.3 - verify a trig. identity (make one side look like the other)

     May 10               Complete the trig. verifications activity - replaces having a quiz

     May 11                graph analysis activity - no HW

     May 12                math video - no HW (enjoy prom - BE SAFE!)

     May 15               13.1 - limits  (no HW yet - book assignment tomorrow!)

     May 16               13.1 - limits

     May 17                limits

     May 18               exam prep.

     May 19                exam prep.

 Assignment Sheets  ("Click" on the appropriate underlined link    to view an assignment sheet.) 

   Sometimes the assignments are posted day-to-day.  Please refer
 the daily slides when this happens.  I do this during short
   weeks and/or when snow days/delays occur and I 
   schedules to be messed up!  


       Honors Geometry      

          May 1 - 5:  Volume apps.

          May 8 - 12:  Area & Volume apps. (no books this week!)

          May 15 - 19:  Area/volume apps. test on Tuesday, Counting principles Wed. - Fri.

       Honors Algebra II  

          May 1 - 5

              May 8 - 12:  Sequences (arithmetic & geometric)

          May 15 - 19:  Sequence test on Monday, Systems of equations and Matrices Tues. - Fri.


        May 1 - 5:  Sinusoid apps - test on Wednesday

        May 8 - 12:  Trig. identities & limits

        May 15 - 19:  Limits and exam prep


     Other Handouts and such: You may get a copy when you return to
     class, but you could print it out if you'd like to look at it now!  You might even find some of the
     problems worked out in the slides above.


          Classroom Policies (first day handout)

                Open House Power Point

               The COST of dropping MATH your senior year

               Which GRAPHING calculator should I buy?    

               Cell phone DO's and DON'Ts 

               Brochure for 8th grade students taking Honors Geometry  (FAQ)

  Honors Geometry



   Honors Algebra II

          Linear Equations   -  Good one to keep for ACT and College placement test practice!

               Quadratic Formula (Calculator Program)



       Scatter Plots and Regression Equations   This is a nice handout that gives detailed instructions
           for setting 
up and graphing a scatter plot as well as getting the calculator to determine a regression
           equation.  Good for Hon. Algebra II also!

          Parabolas                Often seen on an ACT and on a Math Placement Test



Important Dates:  2016 - 2017

  Ohio Math League Contests:  10/18/16, 11/16/16 (11/15 is Early Release), 12/13/16,
                                                  1/10/17, 2/7/17, 3/14/17 (Pi Day!)

    All 6-question, 30-minute contests are after school in room 201 or 203--open to
    grades 9-12.  Calculators permitted.


     American Math Competition (AMC 10 and AMC 12): 



    ACT Test Schedule for 2016-2017:

September 10, 2016August 7, 2016August 8-19, 2016
October 22, 2016September 16, 2016September 17-30, 2016
December 10, 2016November 4, 2016November 5-18, 2016
February 11, 2017*January 13, 2017January 14-20, 2017
April 8, 2017March 3, 2017March 4-17, 2017
June 10, 2017May 5, 2017May 6-19, 2017