The goals and ideas for this page are many, and as a result it may be a bit off kilter for the first year or so. Let me start with my goals for this site:

1. Provide a place where students and parents can find the work being covered if they are to miss school, or just need
    to see what is going on in Biology.
2. Provide extra work if anyone is not understanding things or wants an extra push. I hope to add extra lesson plans on
    the page that are easier and harder for those who would like or need more (this is probably coming in the 2017-2018 school year). 
3. Eventually to make my class less dependent on the millions of trees I probably use in a given year.

What will be on the site:
1. Weekly calendars will be posted on the main page for the class. If you are in Biology, go to that site and I
    will have the weekly schedule typed out.
2. Go to the unit below that and you will be able to find a copy of the notes, all assignments we will be doing in that unit, and a copy
    of the review. I am going to leave tests off for now.
3. Assorted videos on the Advanced Biology site that might provide more depth to the topics we are covering. Hopefully this will be soon added to
    the regular Biology site as well (technical difficulties).
4. Eventually I would like to post video links of me giving the notes or describing various activities to help students who
    need to see things more than once. This will take a little time, but should be beneficial (Hoping to start by middle of 2016-2017).
5. A special exam practice page that will help prepare you for standardized tests that may come as well as midterms,
    finals, and AIR testing (working on this as AIR testing information is being released).