Regina Public Schools
Grade 8 Culture Project ('08-'09) - Integrating Technologies

Although numerous technologies were used in this project, this time we added a new and exciting one called "Teen Second Life" (TSL). For the culture  section of the Grade 8 Social curriculum we, at Regina Public Schools, saw an opportunity to use TSL not only to possibly increase students' engagement in their own learning, but also increase their opportunities to show that learning in new and creative ways.

From the Curriculum:

"In this unit students will explore the cultures of people around the world through seven common cultural patterns: economic, political, kinship, artistic, religious, educational, and recreation and play. The activities are designed to help students develop an understanding of how cultures are defined and acquire respect for cultural diversity. They will learn that all cultures have similarities, and they will come to value the differences among cultures for the richness and variety they bring to our world and way of life."

As a new tool on the educational workbench, TSL holds a natural affinity to our online and 'connected' generation of grade eights.  Online gaming is not something foreign in their social or home lives, but it has been in their academic lives. Although TSL is not technically a game (there is no 'quest' or 'challenge'), the environment at first glance has many qualities of an online 3D game. So, the "cool" factor was high to say the least. What this web site will try to do is show that TSL can be more than a cool tool that engages student learning, but also has the capacity for students to learn in new, different and effective ways.
"the pursuit of a student-centred pedagogy and activity-oriented discovery"

As you can see on the menu to the left, this web site will go through what Second Life is, how we approached the project and what effects adding TSL to the "mix" had on student learning. There is also have some background on our TSL program and implementation.

Staff Participants:

Teacher, Grade 8, MacNeill Elementary School
Technology Integration Support, Apple Distinguished Educator, RPS Board Office
Help Desk / Web Technologies, RPS Board Office