Our district has adopted Math Makes Sense.  Click on the link for more information.  The Pearson Math Makes Sense Supplemental page is organized so that students can choose their grade level. They navigate to a window that provides many links for practicing grade level math concepts.

Technology provides a multitude of opportunities for fun math practice.  Check out some of these sites. 

Other Links to Enhance Math Skills

Interactive Math Games - Includes games for practicing addition, subtraction, multiplication & division, telling time, multiplies, fractions, estimating, skip counting, coordinates.  Some games are more appropriate for primary and some for intermediate.  For many of the games, you can choose a level appropriate to you.

Elementary Math - Games grouped around math curriculum strands (number sense, data analysis, geometry & measurement, patterns & algebra.

Funbrain - Lots of games and a math arcade.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives - Contains a variety of game that require children to use manipulatives, many of which are  used in the classroom (i.e. integer disks, pattern blocks, fraction circles). 

Math Moves U - middle years students can enter a "virtual world" of math and engage with games, polls, flash cards, word problems, and factoids all centered on their passions: music, sports, and fashion.

Math Playground Videos - provides math videos that present problems for students to solve and then show how to solve problem.

Kings List of Online Math Activities - a variety of interactive games and activities to enhance math skills.

Interactive Games for Basic Facts

Multiplication Interactive - a variety of games to choose from for multiplication facts.

Fun for the Brain - a variety of games for addition facts.

Fun for the Brain - a variety of games for subtraction facts.

Fun for the Brain - a variety of games for division facts.

Math Magician Games - games for all operations.  Students who like time tests will like these games.

Kid Numbers - games for all operations (other concepts too)

Decomposing Numbers - using numbers 2 - 9


Gamequarium - games to learn fraction concepts.

Kids and Cookies - virtually share virtual cookies with friends.

Fractions tutorials and games - watch the tutorials and try some games.

Visual Fractions
- models fractions with number lines and circles and provides a variety of games.

Fraction Bars - a variety of games using fraction bars.

Area & Perimeter

Airline Builder - Help Dr. Marbles create a fleet of ships and find out the area and perimeter.

Area Explorer - Tell the area of a shape.

Perimeter Explorer - Tell the perimeter of a shape.

Shape Explorer - Tell the perimeter and area of a shape.

Shape Surveyor - Choose a level and type of question (area, perimeter or area & perimeter) and solve problems to get a piece of a puzzle.

Area & Perimeter Video - Excellent video explaining the difference between area and perimeter.

Area of a Triangle
- Excellent video explaining the area of a triangle.

Area of a Trapezoid - Excellent video explaining the area of a trapezoid.