SK Budget 2012-13 - A Live Tweet Event

On Wednesday, March 21, the Saskatchewan Government introduced their budget for 2012-13. During this live event, students in Grades 6 and 7 watched the budget speech and response while live tweeting in teams what they heard in the speeches and their reaction to the budget. They also interacted online with other people on Twitter who were discussing the budget and asked questions to willing media when they wanted clarification on certain aspects of the budget. It was a very memorable and engaging event for all those involved. 

You can check out what the students were saying by visiting this link:

Two final assignments are required to reflect on this activity:
  1. Make your opinion heard! Why do young people matter? Write a letter to the Minister of Finance, the Honourable Ken Krawetz and another to the Finance Critic, Trent Wotherspoon that explains what you liked and didn't like about the budget. Make sure you include facts from the budget and you explain what you mean. Don't just make broad statements. Explain your opinion. Use the helpful links to write your letters. Write your letter in Google Docs and share it with Mme Bobiash for printing. Also post a copy on your blog.
  2. Write a blog post about this event. What you liked and didn't like. Would you like to do a live tweet even again? Was this an interesting way to watch a live event? (Minimum 150 words)

Some Helpful Links: