Patron-Driven & Tools

Patron-Driven Acquisitions
We are continuing to expand our patron-driven or demand-driven programs. Acquiring materials through ILL requests continues as does purchasing of eBooks through the library catalog. We are now using YBP for eBook DDA profiling. A new funding model is now in place for these initiatives. Evidence-based eBook programs were also recently explored with GVRL and Elsevier.

Research Tools
There are a number of tools available to help make researcher easier.

RefWorks - Try this citation management tool to help you with your research and writing!

UMissMe Bookmarklet - This tool is an easy way to add the library's proxy information to a URL. If you are off-campus and using resources the library subscribes to, it will make it easy to authenticate and get access. If you receive e-mail alerts to articles, you can click on this bookmarklet in your browser after clicking on the article to easily access the article.

LibX - The library now makes accessing the library catalog, electronic resources and other library-related services and tools even simpler! Using the LibX open source product, we created a toolbar just for the University of Library users. The toolbar is available for both Internet Explorer and FireFox users. In addition to providing a tool that searches the library catalog, WorldCat and our digital collections, it also provides linking and cues.