About me

Dr. Christopher D. Sapp
Associate Professor
of German and Linguistics
Department of Modern Languages
University of Mississippi

I joined the faculty of the Department of Modern Languages at the University of Mississippi in 2006 and have been an Associate Professor since 2012.  I teach courses on German language, culture, and linguistics at all levels, and well as undergraduate and graduate courses general linguistics (morphology, syntax, language acquisition, and historical linguistics). 

In 2006, I completed my Ph.D. in Germanic Linguistics and Philology at Indiana University. My dissertation was published in an expanded form as The Verbal Complex in Subordinate Clauses from Medieval to Modern German.

My primary field of research is the historical syntax and morphology of the Germanic langauges.  I am also interested in modern German linguistics, the older Germanic languages and literatures, language acquisition and pedagogy, contemporary Germany and Austria, and Scandinavian studies.