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About ATS

Access Technology Solutions (ATS) specializes in providing technology consulting services to private businesses, government agencies, and end-users centered around fostering effective and efficient computing environments for end-users of assistive technology.  Leveraging expertise across various knowledge domains, ATS optimizes personal computing for blind end-users by crafting JAWS Scripting solutions, and delivering accessibility and Section 508 consulting services for both Web and client software technologies.


Enabling the accessibility of your information systems may seem challenging, but you don’t have to go it alone.  Take advantage of ATS’ vast accessibility expertise across many computing platforms and operating environments, and focus your internal resources on core capabilities where your business can realize the greatest value. 


Whether you are striving to unlock the power of the JAWS screen-reader, architecting a blueprint to infuse accessibility into your software development process, or contending with Section 508, ATS has the experience and expertise to fashion an end-to-end accessibility solution.



Why Consider Accessibility?

In addition to the Section 508 legislation that mandates the accessibility of federal electronic and information technology (E&IT), businesses and government institutions are increasingly compelled to consider accessibility, as the Internet provides unprecedented access to knowledge, leading to the widespread digitalization of information.  And electronic information, coupled with assistive technology, levels the playing field among sighted and non-sighted professionals, affording employers a broader range of available skillsets.  This results in additional wallet share for businesses and government agencies alike, as more people enter the workforce, leading to heightened tax revenue and consumer spending.


Operationally, shoring up the accessibility of information systems can even reduce costs by permitting users of assistive technology to fully utilize available tools, mitigating customer service and help desk calls.


Contact an ATS representative today to learn more about how ATS can help you formulate a solution that maximizes the return from your investments.