Welcome to Tompkins Memorial Elementary

     "We are better together"
  • Thursday, June 27 - No School - Grading and Classifying Day
  • Friday, June 28 - GRADING DAY!!!
  • Tuesday, September 4 - Teachers/Staff only
  • Wednesday, September 5 - Teachers/Staff only
  • Thursday, September 6 - First Day of School - Students Present! 
Have a wonderful summer! 

Have a question or concern? Here are the steps to take:     

 Please remember to use the church parking lot for drop off and pick up of students. **NO VEHICLES are permitted on school property due to the safety of our students.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Please note: we do NOT have microwaves in the lunchrooms so heat ups are not possible for lunches. 

We do have hot lunches 3 days a week:

 Monday is Subway
Wednesday is Cheese Pizza  $2.00 a slice 

Fridays is Chicken & Taters for $3.50.