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  • Happy National Aboriginal Day

    Hi Everyone,

    I hope all is well! I wanted to wish you all a Happy National Aboriginal Day and provide a bit of context for today's celebrations.

    June 21st often coincides with the summer solstice. National Aboriginal Day is now part of a series of Celebrate Canada days, beginning with National Aboriginal Day and followed by the National Holiday of Quebec on 24 June, Canadian Multiculturalism Day on 27 June, and concluding with Canada Day on July first.

    What Do People Do?

    Canada’s National Aboriginal Day gives many people the chance to learn more about Aboriginal people and their contributions towards the country’s development and progress. First Nations, Métis and Inuit people have the opportunity to showcase their cultures and achievements throughout Canada on this day.National Aboriginal Day events are held in every region across Canada.

    Celebrations are taking place across the province. However, a couple of local celebration are taking place at Kejimkujik National Park starting at 10:00 am and at the Arcadia Trail in Yarmouth at 11:00am fuller details are provided at the websites below.





    Martin Morrison



    Posted Jun 21, 2017, 6:56 AM by Shauna Murphy
  • Serious Injury Reporting

    As a result of amendments to the OHS Act there has been a change in serious incident reporting as required by the Occupational Health and safety Division. Please click here to view the form that should explain what types of injuries need to be reported to the OHS division, how quickly they need to be reported, how to contact them and what information to share. As supervisors of employees it will be your responsibility to report the incidents in the time frame outlined in the document. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time.


    Jamie Moses

    Manager of Occupational Health & Safety

    Tri-County Regional School Board

    79 Water Street

    Ph: 1-800-915-0113 or 902-749-5686

    Fax: 902-749-2834

    Cell: 902-749-7444

    Email: jmoses@tcrsb.ca


    Posted Jun 20, 2017, 8:08 AM by Shauna Murphy
  • CLT Parent Communication for 2017-18

    Click here to view the CLT Parent Communication for 2017-18.  Remember to insert you School Logo and/or use on you school Letterhead and include your (Principal) name and contact at the bottom before sending.

    Please ensure that this communication is sent home before the end of this year and post to your school websites.  Thanks so much.

    Posted Jun 20, 2017, 7:57 AM by Shauna Murphy
  • “Stand Up Against Bullying Day”

    Hello Everyone,

    Nova Scotia’s “Stand Up Against Bullying Day” will he held Thursday, September 14th 2017

    Thanks so much,

    Posted Jun 19, 2017, 4:43 AM by Shauna Murphy
  • Some notes

    Annual Report

    Our Annual Reports 2015-16 are due by June 30 as per TCRSB Policy 902 (here) & 903 (here). As per policy, the school SIP will form the foundation of the Annual Report. For our purposes, you are only required to provide an update on your goals, data and, if applicable, any changes for 2016-17. We realize how extremely busy you are, especially in May/June, and do not want to tax you further so, please keep the AR succinct but applicable. We are developing templates at the provincial level and I will advise you accordingly on the status of such. It is expected that the “Getting to Great Survey 2016” and “School Climate Survey 2016” results/data will be ready for distribution soon – when they are, I will send you your individual school results. If you have questions and/or require any supports, please contact me at any time!


    Embedded/Collaborative Learning Time

    As discussed at the recent Principal meeting, Gaston Comeau, SSP Coordinator, SSRSB will be meeting with Principals on May 4. He is excited about this opportunity to share with you the school-based embedded/collaborative learning time processes taking place within their Board. Collaborative Time has been an extremely positive and proactive measure to enable educators the opportunity to discuss/plan/analyze SSP-related data/goals/strategies with the primary aim of promoting student achievement. You can review additional information from one of their schools here. Gaston will provide you with a synopsis of collaborative learning time and will respond to your questions (i.e. daily scheduling; Monday-Friday school scheduling responses; Google-based meeting notes, forms; structures; systemic supports; professional development, etc). But, if you have additional questions can you please e mail them to me prior to April 30 so I can submit them to Gaston in advance?

    Of course, we are still at the review/formative stages of delving in to this potential initiative for the next academic year.

    If you have questions, please contact me at any time!


    As noted, please submit your daily-instructional-minute plan to Brian with the 7-minutes of instructional added time inclusive. A reminder that instructional minutes are time students are with a teacher learning-teaching the outcomes – registration time, student transition/moving time between classes, etc are not considered instructional minutes.


    As per our usual annual practice, I will be sending you the Time To Learn documents in the near future. We are waiting to get confirmation upon the grade 4-6 specifics prior to distribution.


    Have a GREAT weekendJ!!


    Posted Jun 7, 2017, 7:58 AM by Todd Wallace
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