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Pre-Primary and Primary Registration
January 25th-29th

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Principal's Letter to Shipyard Families


Information Sharing Agreement with Department of Health and 



Annually, students across Nova Scotia are offered services delivered by Public Health including the Grade 7 School Immunization Program, Pre-school Screening, Enhanced Vision Screening Program and the Fluoride Mouthrinse Program. Public Health works with the education system to distribute information about these programs and to obtain consent for student participation. 

Occasionally, Public Health practitioners may need to contact parents/guardians of students where consent information is incomplete or unclear, or when a consent form has not been returned. Public Health will not contact you if you have signed a consent form indicating you do not wish to have your child participate in one of these programs. The school board will share limited information such as names of parents/guardians and students, with Public Health for the purposes of operating these public health services for students.

Please contact your local public health office if you have any questions about these public health programs. Please contact your principal or Centre for Education information access and privacy manager, if you have any questions about how your information is shared.