You Are Invited

To the Youth Advisory Committee (YAC)


What is YAC??

·   YAC is a group of youth in grades 8-12, who meet once a month

·   The youth represent the entire South Shore Regional School Board

·   We hope to have youth representation from Caledonia, Liverpool, New Ross, Chester, New Germany, Bridgewater and Parkview

·   We explore ways to work on issues/concerns that are important to us

Who Organizes and sponsors this activity??

·   SchoolsPlus program from the SSRSB

·   Lunenburg and Queens RCMP

·   Bridgewater Town Police

Where will we be going??

·   This year we will be exploring various organizations in the Lunenburg and Queens area

·   We will learn about these organizations and the roles they play within their communities

·   The youth will be able to share the components of each organization with friends and family

·   We will volunteer within the organization to help build skills and learn the value of helping and serving others

·   Our youth will discover ways in which they can make a difference in their own communities

·   We will build leadership skills and self confidence


·   We meet once a month (10-2)

·   Our dates this year are; Oct 17,Nov 15, Dec 2, Jan 11, Feb 13, March 21, April 19, May 15

·   Parental permission is required in order to attend the meetings

·   SchoolsPlus will transport youth to and from the activities each month. We try to be back for bus dismissals; however, we can drop off at home should we not make it back for busses.

Please contact Linda Jensen (SchoolsPlus Facilitator) with any questions; 1-902-521-9817

Or, Tina Atherton (SchoolsPlus Outreach Worker) at your school; 1-902-523-3867