• IB Exam Schedule - May 2018

Please note the times and location of the IB Exams.

*The IB Math exam on May 2 - 3 will take place at Park View in Rm 213N. All other IB exams will take place at
Bridgewater Junior High School (room number yet to be determined)*

Morning exams start at 10:00 am and the afternoon exams start at 1:30 pm

The times given are start times for exams. Students are expected to arrive 10-15 minutes before these start times;
a waiting area will be provided. Exam times include a mandatory 5-minute instruction reading time. There is a 10-minute break between exam papers.
Bookbags, knapsacks, textbooks, etc must be left at the back of the exam room. All stationary needs (paper, pens,
pencils, rulers, calculators, etc) will be provided.

Heather Foote,
Apr 21, 2018, 7:37 AM