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About the SAC

PVEC SAC Information:

The SAC  consists of parents/guardian, students, teachers, support staff and community members.  The principal is a non-voting, non-elected member. Members are elected for a two or three year term.  

SAC meets at least six times per year but generally on a monthly basis. The SAC provides input to principal, staff and school board regarding school policies and programs that affect students and staff. They communicate with the groups they represent in order to articulate diverse views. They work as a team to represent the best interests of students.

The SAC Letter of agreement will be under review this year.

There is usually a learning session at each meeting about  a program or support service within the school. SAC also has a suspension review sub-committee of parent members that listens and make recommendations with regard to suspension appeals regarding the Student Code of Conduct. Staff members do not qualify for this sub-committee.

Minutes from all SAC meetings are posted on the PVEC website the day following a meeting.


PVEC School Advisory Council Members




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