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SAC Update for PVEC Community

posted Mar 8, 2018, 10:18 AM by Heather Foote
Notice from the School Advisory Council

- At the February meeting of SAC, many questions arose with regards to the Glaze report on education and the implications of the report and recommendations for PVEC.

- On February 12th, members of the SAC met with our MLA’s Mark Furey and Suzanne Lohnes-Croft to discuss our concerns.
They listened carefully to our concerns regarding timeline for implementation, questions regarding the report and programs offered at  PVEC.  At that point, much was still unknown, but they assured us that there was no intent to cut programs.  We also discussed implications of some of the recommendations and how essential communication will be necessary for any changes. We also discussed concerns regarding delays to renovations with the MLA’s. Since that time, we have received notice that all deficiencies will be complete by the end of March Break.


•Letter of agreement developed at local level with some overriding value statements.
•Policy making will not be a function of SACs.
•SACs will see an amount of money (TBD) coming to them, over and above what is now being received.
•The Minister talked about the idea of a regional SAC to share best practices.
•SAC members will continue as volunteers.
•SAC member selection will remain at the community level.
•Provincial Advisory Council (not a School Board) will help direct Provincial direction.
•Policies will be driven from both SACs and the Province.
•Provincial Advisory Council members will be appointments by Province. Maybe Chairs of current School Boards??
•Many expressed fear of a loss of rural voice. Minister says NO. Important voice of SAC and Regional SAC through Superintendent.
•One SAC member commented on how efficient things were when we had a one-member Board a while back.
•Minister expressed frustration with inability to speak to Principals and teachers under the old system. School Boards would not allow.
•In-servicing for SAC members was raised and supported by both the Minister and the Superintendent. Both indicated that dedicated resources would be made available to SACs.
•Concerns were raised about “pulling the trigger” too quickly. Minister responded that they needed to end the conflict.
•The Minister indicated that the Hogg formulae was out-dated, and a funding arrangement based on need not population was needed.
•Several SAC members reinforced the recommendation in the Glaze Report for a Rural Funding Strategy.