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Welcome to Student Services!

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Who are the School Counsellors?

Contacts: To email a counsellor, click on their name in the Staff Directory

Terra Lee Kelly

Julie Lohnes-Cashin

What do school counsellors do??

School Counsellors are student advocates: Our goal is to support you. We focus on these four areas:

  • Personal (ANYTHING you want to discuss, we’ll listen!)
  • Social (relationships, communication skills, mediation)
  • Career (future plans, help finding information on schools and careers)
  • Educational (credit checks, transcripts, course changes or concerns, study skills)

There is always a qualified and experienced counsellor available to help you.

If I talk to a counsellor, is it confidential?

Some of the issues we discuss are “guidance-like”: course changes and educational planning. It is often to your benefit for us to discuss this with your teachers.

Even with personal issues, sometimes we might ask the teacher for information or share information with teachers but only with your permission.

If you were referred to us through our Program Planning Team (PPT), we are expected to report back to the team but we do not share personal information without your permission.

Often we get help or advice from other counsellors but we never share names. Your situation might be discussed but you will never be identified.

If you wish to set up an appointment confidentially, you can e-mail

There are 3 situations when we are required to talk to others. When you tell us:

  1. You want to harm yourself (suicidal thoughts)
  2. You want to harm others
  3. You are under 19 and someone else is harming you.

Did You Know?????

  • You can book appointments with Mrs. Hubley or your can e-mail the counsellors and we will respond with a time. You can also e-mail
  • You do not need the permission of your parents to seek counselling services.
  • You can bring a friend or two with you to a counselling session!