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Features and Benefits

Google Sheets has real-time collaboration for editing, commenting, and chatting with a team of educators or students.

Information collected from a Google Form can be captured in a Sheet for analyzing, tracking, and graphing large amounts of data from student experiments. Functions in Sheets can pull data and information from web-based sources, updating spreadsheets so they remain accurate automatically.

Sheets can open and edit Microsoft Excel®  files, so you can continue to use spreadsheets you have created in the past - and making it the only spreadsheet app you will need.

With Google Sheets mobile apps and offline editing, you can access and edit spreadsheets in class, at home, or on the road.

Getting Started with Google Sheets

Use the Google Docs Editor to learn everything you need to know about creating, editing and publishing sheets.  Also learn about formulas, functions and some of the available tools. 

Meet the New Google Sheets