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Features and Benefits

With a number of different question types, themes, and navigation based on answers, Forms can be customized to fit almost any need for information collection.  

Here are some examples and useful practices for your class:

  • Fast creation of Forms allows teachers to gather immediate feedback during a class for real-time assessment
  • The ability to include video and images in questions allows for a rich user experience with visual and auditory cues
  • Recipients can respond to Forms using any mobile device with a browser, creating opportunities for anytime, anywhere learning
  • Collected data from Forms can be linked to a Google Sheet for a more thorough evaluation of results

Forms can be created that don’t require a Google account, opening up the ability for surveying the community on school issues.

Getting Started with Google Forms

Use the Google Docs Editor to learn everything you need to know about creating, editing and formatting forms.  Also learn about form responses and some of the editing features.

A Tour of Google Forms