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Features and Benefits

Google Drawings is a versatile tool for creating images, word art, objects, and diagrams. Students and teachers can use images individually or add them to a doc, spreadsheet, or presentation. Images can also be edited and labeled so students can demonstrate what they know.

Students can also create diagrams to help them visualize key points from a lesson or to plan a project. They can work to come up with their own visualizations or use templates to help them get started.

With word art, text can easily be stylized to enhance documents and presentations and make information in school newsletters stand out! You can even create images and objects in Drawings for use with interactive whiteboards.

Google Drawings is another way to help students visualize concepts and design objects for use in the classroom. Use it to provide more engaging instruction and learning.

Getting Started with Google Drawings

Use the Google Docs Editor to learn everything you need to know about creating, editing and formatting Drawings.  Also learn about the tools available and how to add items to a drawing.

Google Drawings: A Quick Introduction