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Features and Benefits

Google Docs enables a group of students to work on the same document, with real-time editing, commenting, and chatting, so they can complete their projects faster and with full participation. Teachers can use the revision history to review changes to the document, and can make comments and suggested edits as the work is in progress, to ensure student success.

Teachers can collaboratively create, edit, and share lesson plans in Google Docs with their colleagues in their school, or anywhere in the world. Mobile apps and offline access mean that their Docs are always available, in the classroom, at home, or on the road.

Features like the ability to add links, images, drawings, and tables, mean that Docs can be used for shared meeting notes, interactive lessons, book reports, and more. With Word® compatibility and file conversion, files that were created in the past can be stored, edited, and shared with colleagues and students.

Getting Started with Google Docs

Use the Google Docs Editor to learn everything you need to know about creating, collaborating and sharing documents, working offline and using the accessibility features.  

Google Docs: Campaign Speech (Demo)