Features and Benefits

Google Calendar is a versatile time-management application suitable for the scheduling needs of administrators, teachers, and students. Some of its most important features and benefits include the ability to access it on mobile devices, to share calendars using a variety of options, its integration with other Google Apps, and the ability to customize calendar views.

Google Calendar can be accessed and used with computers, tablets, and other mobile devices using an app or through your mobile web browser. Desktop and mobile notifications notify you of upcoming events. With offline capability, you can access and modify event details which sync automatically when your device is back online.

When creating and managing events, Google Calendar generates a Hangout link so you are prepared for a video meeting, allows you to attach a file, so you can keep your meeting organized, and accepts your invitations with one click, allowing you to quickly respond to others.

Advanced calendar sharing features allow you to control who can discover, view, and modify different calendars. Grant access to any individual or group, even if they do not use Google Calendar.

Getting Started with Google Calendar

Use Calendar Help to learn more about getting started, creating and editing, sharing and exporting. 

Google Calendar Overview