Jennifer Welcher
Sackville High School - Room 202
Sociology 12, Global Geography 12 & Social Studies Department Head

You will find everything you need to function in SOC 12 and GGS 12. I am posting classnotes, handouts as I can, homework and resources. If you miss a class it is your responsibility to make sure you get ALL of the work and in class information. Make sure you check with a classmate.

Have You???
- Checked the website
- Checked the google classroom
- Checked Remind
- Checked PowerSchool for attendance and grades

 Front Page News!!!

September 2017
Welcome to 2017-18! This year will be amazing!
Make sure you are back in study mode by remembering your materials. Know that you got this!

If you have any questions or concerns please get in touch!

Mental Health Moment:

Anxiety Starting School?
Anxiety BC Has some solid advice - 
Helping Your Child Cope with Back to School Anxiety
The following post describes how you will get marks in any of the courses I teach this year. If you or people at home have any questions please ask!

Marking Rubric 2017-2018

Marking Rubric