Jennifer Welcher
Sackville High School - Room 202
Sociology 12, Global Geography 12 & Social Studies Department Head

You will find everything you need to function in SOC 12 and GGS 12. I am posting classnotes, handouts as I can, homework and resources. If you miss a class it is your responsibility to make sure you get ALL of the work and in class information. Make sure you check with a classmate.

Have You???
- Checked the website
- Checked the google classroom
- Checked Remind
- Checked PowerSchool for attendance and grades

 Front Page News!!!

January 2018
Welcome to Semester 2! Please remember to get in touch if you have questions, comments or concerns! :)

If you have any questions or concerns please get in touch!

Mental Health Moment:

Wondering if Depression is an issue?

Anxiety Starting School?
Anxiety BC Has some solid advice - 
Helping Your Child Cope with Back to School Anxiety
The following post describes how you will get marks in any of the courses I teach this year. If you or people at home have any questions please ask!

Marking Rubric 2017-2018

Marking Rubric