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It's October already! Wow, September went by in a flash.

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September 18, 2018

Les Moments Bravo dans la salle de classe de Madame McCarron

Starting this week I am sending emails home to praise students that I catch speaking french to their classmates with out prompting. Students caught in the act of speaking french get their picture put up (they can opt out if they chose) on the Bravo Board for everyone to celebrate!

I've already sent 4 emails by 10:30 am Tuesday. Yay!

Bonjour to all my new and returning students, parents and guardians! I hope everyone enjoyed their summer break as much as I did. With time spent with my family and friends at the cottage, traveling, as well as a few days here and there at the beach I have a full battery and I am excited to begin the new school year.

This school year brings a few new things for my classroom. Every year I set professional goals and this year one of my goals is to strengthen communication with home.

Informed parents and guardians are better equipped to support their students from home.

With this goal in mind I will be using this website as class information resource which will provide both students and parents/guardians a central location for updates on homework, home resources, classroom notices and/or reminders as well as digital copies of forms and school notices.

The quickest way to get in contact with me is always via email. Unless there are unforeseen circumstances I respond in less than 24 hours. (

Student work will be available on my google classroom.

Should work be left behind at school, students can access all required materials to complete at home. Gone is the excuse “I forgot it at school”. In the next few weeks your students can log on to their google classroom and show you.

Google Classroom Codes:

Science Humaines Sciences

703 d907hwe

704 i810lp mqbwna9

705 dgwgpgm eshrdi

805 iupa24

806 sbkdlm1

What's new and exciting this year.

The spaces that our students spend their time matter.

Flexible classrooms are designed to support collaborative learning and offers students flexible seating choices that increases student engagement compared to traditional row seating.

There is a wide range of seating options in the classroom for students to choose from: couches, floor pillows, mats, bean bag chairs, yoga ball seats, stools, low tables, standing work surfaces, and traditional chair and desk combinations.

When students are engaged in their learning environment they are more engaged in the activities happening in the classroom. It’s a win win situation.

I have happily spend the last three months planning, hunting down, building, begging, borrowing and purchasing when need be, a wide variety of seating for my flexible seating classroom. Take a peak at the photo's bellow.

Necessary school supplies for Social Studies and Science grade 7 & 8:

Students need to bring a binder, paper and something to write with every class.

It would be also very helpful to bring a French-English dictionary as I only have a few on hand to lend out.

My recommendation for a dictionary is the Collins Le Robert French-English dictionary ( see photo below).