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Using games in the Early French immersion classroom
I will be using games in the grade 8 immersion classroom in order to give students an opportunity to practice their speaking skills.  I will be introducing students to 8 games (and variations) during the school year.  This will work out to approximately one game per month.  Games will increase in complexity as the year progresses, as will the amount of speaking required. 
All games will have modified rules, so that speaking English decreases your chances of winning.   

****Please note:  the lessons can be used with Early French Immersion or Late French Immersion; however the outcomes listed in the lessons are the numbers for the Early French Immersion outcomes.  

 1Le jeu des règles (Word document)
Le jeu des règles (PDF) 
A game for pairs using rulers, dice and bingo markersSocrative quiz for after the gameComment jouer le jeu des règles
 2Génimo (Word document)
Génimo (PDF)
A game for pairs which is a cross between Battleship and HangmanGenimo game which can be ordered here.  (Look for "Génimo avec Gargouille" on the order form, in the lower half of the right hand column).Comment jouer le jeu Génimo
Vocabulaire des jeux (Word document)  

Vocabulaire des jeux   (PDF)
Students work in groups to brainstorm game vocabulary and produce a video or other product to present vocabulary.Rubric N/A    
Le jeu de cartes 99   (Word document)    

Le jeu de cartes 99  (PDF)     
A card game played in groups of 4 or 5.  The card game is good practice for numbers between 1 and 99, especially the numbers between 89 and 99.French decks of cards, which can be ordered at nominal cost through le Casino du Lac Leamy.   
Comment jouer le jeu 99
 5 Suite du jeu de cartes 99 (Word document)

Suite du jeu de cartes 99 (PDF)
Students continue playing the game learned in previous lesson, in order to become more proficient. Teacher evaluates speaking and listening skills during game-play.French decks of cards, which can be ordered at nominal cost through le Casino du Lac Leamy.  

Rubric (Word document) for evaluating speaking during game-play.

Rubric (PDF) for evaluating speaking during game-play.

 6 Le jeu 99, règles avancées (Word document)

 Le jeu 99, règles avancées  (PDF)   
Students play the game with the advanced rules for the card game "99" and make up their own new rules. (see lesson 4)French decks of cards, which can be ordered at nominal cost through le Casino du Lac Leamy.  Comment jouer le jeu 99 avec règles avancées
 7Le jeu 99, règles d'élèves (Word document)

Le jeu 99, règles d'élèves (PDF)
Students produce a digital media to present their favourite new rules.    Rubric for evaluating student product (Word document)

Rubric for evaluating student product (PDF)
 Mille bornes (Word document)

Mille bornes (PDF)        
A card game where players try to accumulate 1000 kms while fending off attacks from others.Mille bornes card decks which can be ordered through or  (approximately $20 per game).  

I had the good fortune of finding them on clearance at Wal-Mart for $1 per pack.  They are not listed on the Wal-Mart website, but can now sometimes be found in store at $10 per pack.
Comment jouer Mille bornes
 9  Mille bornes vocabulary (Word document)

Mille bornes vocabulary (PDF)     
Students practice some of the Mille Bornes vocabulary with Quizlet and Educaplay.  Then students produce media to cover other vocabulary.Quizlet activity

Educaplay activity

Rubric for evaluating student product (PDF)
Comment jouer le jeu dans Educaplay
 10Mille bornes avec les points (Word document)

Mille bornes avec les points (PDF)                
 Students learn to play Mille bornes using points instead of having a winner at the end of each hand.     Mille bornes card decks

Comment jouer Mille bornes pour les points
 11Mancala (Word document)

Mancala (PDF)
Students learn how to play one version of the African game Mancala.

Home-made Mancala games can be made with egg cartons and dried beans.
Socrative quiz

Website with game instructions
 12Recherche sur les jeux
(Word document)

Recherche sur les jeux
Students complete a research on games.  They work in groups and create a Google Slides document to present their findings. Rubric for evaluating Google Slides (PDF) Screencast of how to use Google Slides (Thank you to J.L. Fortier for sharing).
 13Les énigmes (Word document)

Les énigmes (PDF)        
Students discover a form of riddles called "Les énigmes".  After watching a screencast presenting the structure of these riddles, they solve riddles with a partner, and then write their own riddles. Les énigmes hand-out Structure des énigmes
 14  Scattergories (Word document)

Scattergories (PDF)
Students play Scattergories in French Nos règles pour Scattergories 

Socrative quiz
 15  Les périphrases (Word document)

Les périphrases (PDF)
Students learn about circumlocution and practice using this strategy to make up for unknown words needed in the target language to express themselves.La périphrase hand-out 
 16Pyramide  (Word document)

Pyramide (PDF)          
Students in groups of 5 play the French version of the classic TV gameshow Pyramid. The game "Pyramide" can be ordered here 

Rules in French are available here

Socrative quiz
 17  Guerre des clans (Word document)

Guerre des clans (PDF)      
Students play the French version of Family Feud in groups of 7, 9 or 11 students.  
The game "La guerre des clans" can be ordered here

Rules in French are available here
Comment jouer La guerre des clans
 18Maxime malaxée (Word document)

Maxime malaxée (PDF)
Students discover a type of word-puzzle sometimes known as "Quick-quote" in English.  They solve a few in pairs and then try solving one on their own.   The French title "Maxime malaxée" is my coinage.Hand-out 1 (The example that is started in the screencast)

Hand-out 2 (Maxime Malaxée 1 that students solve in pairs)

Hand-out 3 (Maxime malaxée 2 that students solve individually) 
Comment résoudre  une Maxime malaxée
 19Création de Maximes malaxées (Word document)

Création de Maximes malaxées (PDF)
Students work in pairs to create their own Maxime Malaxée and then solve puzzles prepared by other pairs. Hand-out explaining the steps to follow in creating a Maxime Malaxée 

Socrative quiz to be used as exit ticket
Privé de sens, Au pied de la lettre (Word document)

Privé de sens, Au pied de la lettre (PDF) 
Students play "Au pied de la lettre" in groups of 7 or 9 students (evenly numbered teams + 1 "game-show host" for each group.  They must find words to match the clues that start with their 3 given letters.The game "Privé de sens" can be ordered here 

Rules in French are available here

Video clip of game being played

Socrative quiz 
 21Création d'un nouveau jeu (Word document)

Création d'un nouveau jeu (PDF)   

Students work in groups to create a new game.  They prepare a prototype of their game and write out the rules.  They refer to previous hand-outs, sceencasts, PDFs for help with rule-writing.

Once games are prepared, students present their game to other groups who play the game.
Hand-out for students to explain the assignment and criteria

Rubric to evaluate speaking and listening during the planning process

Rubric to evaluate speaking and listening during the playing of games created by other students

Rubric for evaluating the created game