Summary of Bursaries/Scholarships/Awards

The awards below were offered and administered by local businesses and organizations during the past few years. It is the students responsibility to confirm that these bursaries have been updated each year. Updated bursaries are identified by the Updated symbol next to the bursary listing. These awards can be applied for by obtaining an application form, once the award has been updated, and by following the application instructions.

How Do you apply for the Scholarships/Bursaries on this page?

  • Check to see if you meet the criteria.
  • Check to see if the award has been updated. update
  • Obtain an application form from Student Services.
  • Follow the direcrtions stated on the application form.
  • Mail form and supporting documentation to the organization well in advance of the deadline.

Your supporting documentation constitutes your Dossier. This may vary from one award to another and may include one or all of the following:

Application Forms?___________ Resume?_________Transcript?_________ Covering Letter?______ Reference Letters?_______

For further information please see Mr. Armstrong. There will be scholarship meetings periodically throughout the year. These will be announced and are usually Wednesday recess or noon sessions in the Conference Room. They are informal where students may come and go depending on their time. Mr. Armstrong will introduce new information and students are free to bring  any questions or concerns.

Bursary and Value

Due Date



Adrian Campbell Scholarship Fund

Value - $1000

May 30, 15
Sportmanship, proven interest and ability in the pursuit of an individual endurance sport, dedication to studies, well rounded lifestyle.
Application Forms Now Available in Student Services Until May 30, 15

Annapolis Valley Chamber of Commerce

Value - $1000

June 5, 15
Graduating student who is interested in business; cover letter, resume and essay required.
Application Forms Now Available in Student Services Until June 5, 15

Annapolis Valley Chapter-A of Autism Nova Scotia

Value - $200

May 15, 14Must be a graduating student in the Annapolis Valley Regional School Board with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder or Asperger’s Syndrome. May apply up to and including 21 years of age. May apply on a one-time basis. One bursary per high school within the Valley Board will be awarded. This award will be announced at graduation.

    East Kings District Women's Institute

    Value - $300

    Noon May 22, 15
    Student attending a College, University or Technical Institute. Essay Required. Bring Completed application to Student Services before noon May 22
    Application Forms Now Available in Student Services Until May 22, 15


    African Nova Scotia Students (NS Dept. of Education)

    Value - 
    $2,500** $1,800***$1000****

    27-May, 2016

    Community College, Trade School, Performing Arts
    29 - July, 2016

    Canadian citizenship; African cultural background; resident of Nova Scotia for a minimum of one year. *The first award is for a student going to university with an average of 75% or higher. **The second award is for a student with less than a 75% average attending any post-secondary institution. ***The third award is for a student attending community college or a trade school. ****The final award is a performing arts award for a student who has a concentration in one of the performing arts (music, voice, theatrical performances) and who has demonstrated qualities of the performing arts through participation in student activities and community affairs. Student must be applying to an approved post-secondary institution.All applications require a letter of acceptance. Application Forms to be completed and mailed.
    University Scholarship Application Form
    Post Secondary Application Form
    Community College Application Form
    Performing Arts Application Form

    Evangeline Chapter Order of The Eastern Star Memorial Education Scholarship

    Value - $500

    May 31,13
    Student going to college or university. Financial need. Letter of intent, 3 reference letters, application form. Mail dossier. One award between 3 schools.


    Frances Mills-Clements Bursary

    For Women

    Value - $1000

    June 6, 15
    Financial Need, cover letter, resume, reference letter, short essay. Complete application form and mail Dossier
    Application Forms Now Available in Student Services Until June 6, 15

    Grand Pre Women's InstituteAnnual Educational Bursary

    Value - $200

    June 15, 15
    Students selected for this bursary must reside in communities in Grand Pre, North Grand Pre, Hortonville, Black River or Greenwich. For students going to university or college. Coverpage, letter and essay required.
    Application Forms Now Available in Student Services Until June 15, 15

    Hantsport Memorial FoundationScholarship and John Allard Memorial Award

    Value - TBA

    May 29, 15
    Resident of the immediate area of Hantsport during his/her grade 12 year; Canadian
    college or university (degree or diploma-granting). Mail dossier.
    Application Forms Now Available in Student Services Until May 29, 15

    Highbury Education Centre Graduation Bursary

    Value - $400

    June 14, 12Student must have attended Highbury Education Centre during grade 10, 11 or 12 school years, and be attending a post-secondary institution during the upcoming school year.  Check at Highbury Education Centre


    Kinette Club of Kentville and District: Kin Canada Bursary

    Value - $300

    May 15, 2016
    Financial need; scholastic standing; future educational plans; community involvement. Complete application form and Mail Dossier

    Application Form

    Kings County Community Engagement Scholarship:

    Value - $ 1000


    May 1, 15

    Student will write an essay of not more than 1000 words that describes their vision of what an engaged community looks like and how an engaged communityncan benefit Kings County residents.  Must submit electronically but details available in Student Services.  There will be one award of $1000 for a Horton High School grade 12 student.  

    Kings County Federation of Agriculture

    Value - $ 500

    June 1, 15Must reside in Kings County. Academic achievement, financial need, contribution and participation in agricultural industry. May be asked for an interview.
    Application Forms Now Available in Student Services Until June 1, 15

    Kings North P.C.

    Association Bursary

    Value - $ 500

    June 5, 15
    Must have resided in the provincial electoral constinuency of Kings North during final year of study. Must have a good academic record, extracurricular involvement, interest in public affairs, and demonstrated good citizenship.
    Application Forms Now Available in Student Services Until June 5, 15

    Michelin "Skill Development Program"

    Value - 2 x $2500
    Summer Employment

    Contact Plant


    Grade 12 graduating female "Annapolis Valley" student. Must complete final two years of high school in no more than two years. Must be enroled in a Technical Trade at a Nova Scotia Community College. Obtain Application form from Student Services and mail Dossier
    Check at Plant for Application forms.

    Neighbourhood Bursary Society

    Value - 4 x $500

    June 17, 15
    Student from Avonport, West Brooklyn, Lockhartville, Hantsborder, Hantsport, and Bishopville areas only. Student going to college or university. Essay requiredMail dossier
    Application Forms Now Available in Student Services Until June 17, 15

    New Minas Lions Club

    Value - 2 X $1000

    June 8, 15
    Student furthering studies at any post-secondary institution; involved in the community; financial need. Must be normally resident in the area bounded on the west by Kentville, on the south by Canaan and White Rock, on the north by the Cornwallis River, and on the east by the access highway at Greenwich.
    Application Forms Now Available in Student Services Until June 8, 15

    Nova Scotia Fruit Growers' Association Educational Bursary

    Value - $500

    May 29,13
    Student entering or already in a post-secondary educational program in the field of tree fruit production or in a related science field (details available on application form). Priority to member, or the child of a member, of the NSFGA. Mail dossier

    O'Brien/Huntley Scholarship

    Value - $500

    June 15, 15Student entering Post Secondary education in the medical profession and/or in the area of science. Involvement in school activities and the community. Must submit resume, reference letters, transcript, career statement, personal letter and letter of admission from post secondary institution.
    Application Forms Now Available in Student Services Until June 15, 15

    Port Williams & District Lions Club Bursary

    Value - $600

    May 31, 15
    Resident of Port Williams; resident of area bounded by Mee Rd., Cornwallis River, Canard River and Minas Basin for entire current year; university-bound. Complete application form and Deliver Dossier To Student Services
    Application Forms Now Available in Student Services Until May 29, 15

    Port Williams & District Lions Club: The Laurie W. Turner Lions Memorial

    Value - $750

    May 31, 15
    Resident of Port Williams; resident of area bounded by Mee Rd., Cornwallis River, Canard River and Minas Basin for entire current year; accepted at any post-secondary institution. Deliver Dossier To Student Services
    Application Forms Now Available in Student Services Until May 29, 15

    Port Williams Health Auxilliary

    Value - 2 X $200

    May 15, 2015
    Student planning a career in any health-related field; names of references required. 
    Complete application forms & mail.

    Port Williams JAM Scholastic Award


    Value - TBA

    May 31, Each Year
    Resident of Port Williams for 5 years; academic performance of 75%+ in grades 11 and 12; financial need; student going to Acadia; positive/constructive contribution to the community & the church. Application forms provided by Acadia University. Complete application forms & mail Dosier.

    RCH Scholarship (AVRSB)

    Value - 2 X $500

    April 15, 15Awarded to two graduating students from the Annapolis Valley Regional School Board who are of African descent or Aboriginal descent. Complete application form and return to Student Services.

    Rotary Club of New Minas Sunrise Achievement Award

    This award has been moved to Group 1




    Rotary Club of Wolfville Youth Achievement Award

    Awards total $2000

    May 1 , 15

    Available to graduating students from Horton, N.E.K.E.C. and Landmark East.
    Application & Deliver Dossier to  Student Services

    Rotary Club of Wolfville - Acadia University Award


    Value $4000 per year

    May 28 , 10
    Will be awarded annually on a renewable basis to a student who is a graduate from the Annapolis Valley Regional School Board. who is entering the first year of a degree or certificate program at Acadia. Academic record, "Rotary Spirit",and financial need.

    Royal Canadian Legion, Kings Branch No.6, Kentville

    Value - $1000

    May 1 , 2015
    Preference to child of a deceased or disabled veteran or pensioner; child of a Legion member; child of Veteran; based on marks or marks and need. Six awards available to students from Horton, C.K. and N.E.K.E.C. Mail Application

    Royal Canadian Legion Hants Co. Branch 009 Windsor

    Value - Multiple Awards

    June 1, 15
    To be eligible you must: Be a resident of West Hants and be the son, daughter, grandchild of a veteran. Also must be accepted at a post-secondary institution, be a deserving candidate and be in financial need. Application form and drop off at Student Services (Horton High School).
    Application Forms Now Available in Student Services Until June 1, 15

    Royal Canadian Legion: C.B.Lumsden# 74

    Value - $600

    June 5, 15
    Wolfville and area resident; preference given to a relative of a veteran &/or  Legion member. Application Forms delivered to Student Services.
    Application Forms Now Available in Student Services Until June 5, 15

    St. George's Lodge #20 Bursary

    June 12, 15Horton Student of good academic standing in need. Must be attending an Atlantic Canadian Post Secondary Institution from an approved list attached to the application form. A 250-500 word description of why your situation leads you to apply for this scholarship is required.

    T C Jones Local Leadership Development Scholarship

    Value - $1000 Renewable

    April 30, 15Endured trying circumstances, leadership skills and a positive role model to others.  Only available online.

    Town of Kentville Student Bursary

    Value - $2000 - may be divided

    May 20, 15
    Student who has resided in the town of Kentville for at least 2 years; enrolled in a post-secondary institution; achieved an academic standing of at least 70%; demonstrates finanacial need; demonstrates leadership and citizenship. Contact Town of Kentville for application form and Mail Dossier.

    Orchard Valley United Church: Arthur Allen Memorial Scholarship

    Value - $500

    May 15, 2015
    Consistent academic achievement, humanitarian quality and leadership ability; a university-bound student.

    Orchard Valley United Church: Rev. K. G. Sullivan Scholarship

    Value - 1 x $1000

    May 15, 2015
    Student who shows consistent academic achievement, humanitarian quality and leadership ability; accepted at any post-secondary educational institution in Canada. Mail Dossier

    Valley Recreation Coordinator's/Director's Association

    Value - $500

    Not Available 2013
    Entering 1st year of Post-secondary recreation program in Nova ScotiaApplication based on academic achievement, community leadership, and active lifestyle, Mail Dossier

    Valley Regional Hospital Auxiliary

    Value - $2000

    May 15,15
    Kings County student entering in a health-related profession such as nursing, laboratory respiratory, x-ray technology, medical records librarian. etc. University, Community College, School of Nursing (tentative acceptance required). Please note that a Bachelor Degree in Kinesiology does not meet the criteria for this scholarship. Students must have been accepted directly into a discipline directly related to medicine. Taking an undergraduate degree with the view of applying to Med School does not qualify. Mail application and supporting documents.

    White Rock Community Association offers a Student Volunteer Award.

    Value - up to $1000

    May 23, 14Letter/short essay on the importance/benefits of volunteering. Also volunteer history to be attached.

    Wolfville & District Lions ClubBursary

    Value - 3 X $500

    June 12, 15
    Attending Horton High School and residing in the Wolfville and District Lions Club catchment area (ie. Hortonville, Grand Pre, Wallbrook, Melanson, Gaspereau, Wolfville, Greenwich (east of Deep Hollow R.) White Rock, Black River)  for the entire school year.  Criteria to be based on need first and marks secondly. Students must be entering university or community college. Must complete application form and return completed form to Student Services.
    Application Forms Now Available in Student Services Until June 12, 15

    Wolfville/Acadia Advantage Scholar Bursary

    Value - $5000

    Apply to Acadia
    Resident of Town of Wolfville for 3 years; entering first year of a 4 year degree at Acadia University; minimum of 85% average on university allowable grade 12 courses; community service and leadership; and must possess a demonstrated financial needInquire at Acadia University