Schools Plus Services

What is SchoolsPlus?

The focus of SchoolsPlus is to support students and families by helping them attain effective services that meet their identified needs. In addition, we will work with the school administration in order to identify programming to meet the needs of students and families.

The SchoolsPlus Team: Roles and Responsibilities

School Mental Health Clinician:
  • Employed by Child & Adolescent Mental Health and Addiction Services
  • Assessments
  • Diagnosis of mental illness
  • Consultation with school staff
  • Mental health promotion and education: Presentations to school staff on mental illness (e.g. ADHD, Anxiety)
  • Programming and treatment groups within the school setting
 Facilitator and Outreach Worker:
  • Advocate and coordinate services for student and families
  • Expand services within schools and community
  • Network with community service providers
  • Consultation with students, families, school and community
  • Case management
  • Programming in schools
  • Community education


 Who can make a referral?                                      What Programs can SchoolsPlus offer?

                                                                                    (Programs are offered on a “needs basis”)

  • Parents/Guardians
  • School Administration
  • Physicians
  • School Social Workers
  • Community Partners/Agencies
  • Students can also self refer
  • Etc.
  • Anxiety Prevention Program
  • Options 2 Anger
  • Adolescent Grief Group
  • Intergenerational Program
  • Virtues Programs
  • Mentoring Programs
  • Parenting Programs
  • Classroom Education
  • After School Programs
  • Summer Camps
  • Stomp Out Stigma
  • Self Esteem Groups
  • Transitional Programming

Schools Serviced:

How to make a referral to SchoolsPlus (Facilitator and Outreach Worker):

If you would like to make a referral please contact the school administration or the SchoolsPlus Facilitator attached to your child/youth’s school, for more information (above).

What is a School Mental Health Clinician?

School mental health clinicians are part of the SchoolsPlus team who are employed by Child & Adolescent Mental Health & Addictions Services; their role is to provide mental health services to children and youth directly in the school community environment.  These services may include the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of mood disorders (e.g.,  anxiety, depression), ADHD, and signs of serious mental illness.  Treatment may be one-on-one or in group settings.  In addition, school mental health clinicians strive to build capacity in schools regarding mental health by consulting with school staff about general mental health problems that students face and engaging in mental health promotion activities (e.g., speaking to groups about relevant topics).

How to Make a Referral to a School Mental Health Clinician

  1. Follow your school board process for making referrals to community based services.  The school mental health clinician can consult with the team/staff member about the appropriateness of a referral as long as the student is not identified. 
  2.  Anyone can make a referral to our services provided that the student and family are aware that the referral is being made.  The phone number for Child & Adolescent Mental Health & Addictions Services is 567-7731.
  3. Assuming the referral is appropriate, the family is given the option of seeing a mental health clinician in the hospital clinic or in the child’s school.  If the family would prefer school-based services, the referral is sent to the school mental health clinician, who manages his/her own appointments. The student does not have to be referred to the broader SchoolsPlus program to be seen by the school mental health clinician but they must attend a SchoolsPlus school.
  4. The school is responsible for providing the school mental health clinician with a private, quiet space to meet with the student and their family, preferably not in the administration area.  Information regarding the student’s involvement with the school mental health clinician will be shared only with the family’s permission and requires the same release of information process that is followed by all clients of Child & Adolescent Mental Health and Addiction Services. .

Please Note:

  • School mental health clinicians do not provide emergency or crisis services.
  • Specific students may only be discussed with the informed consent of that student and/or their parents/guardians.
  • School mental health clinicians are only available in schools serviced by SchoolsPlus.
  • Mental health services are voluntary; families have the right to decline services.