About Us

Bible Hill Junior High is a collaborative, enthusiastic learning community located in the Village of Bible Hill. We are a very active junior high school that offers a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities to our students that allows students to learn new skills, meet new friends and experience being part of a team. Our variety and availability of sports teams and outstanding arts program are a huge part of life at Bible Hill Junior High. Our relationship with the Ron MacKay Memorial Band is a proud one and benefits many students in the area of music.

Our Husky Spirit Program was designed to allow students opportunities to become involved with educational school-based, community, and global events and activities throughout the year that inspire and empower our students to become responsible, empathetic citizens. We have a dedicated and hard-working Student Support Team that enhances the student’s academic, personal, and social experience.

Our School Advisory Council is dedicated to the overall student experience at Bible Hill Junior High. We also receive a great deal of support from our local businesses as well as an excellent partnership with the Village of Bible Hill. Bible Hill Junior High also takes great pride in recognizing our students. We believe in celebrating the success of our students and this is reflective in our daily routines.

OUR MISSION STATEMENT (We have adopted CCRSB's Mission Statement)

We develop independent lifelong learners in a student-centered environment with high expectations for all.


Bible Hill Junior High: Preparing All Students for Success in A Global Environment through our dedication to:

Promoting critical thinking

Active listening


Supporting positive digital citizenship

Advocating for social justice

Guiding towards independence

Encouraging a commitment to life-long learning
Dave Hazelton,
Jul 23, 2016, 4:17 PM