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GNP+NA Annual General Meeting was held 10 October, 2012. at 1pm ET 

Below are the listings of Current Board Seats and an overview of the process.

 List of Board Member Terms
Seats on the GNP+NA Board are for Terms of 2 Years.
There is a planned annual turnover of 50% of the Board each year. With the elections taking place at the Annual General Meeting typically held in July.

Each country has 8 seats, with the autonomy to determine how these seats are defined.

Canada (CA)
5 Regional
and 3 At-Large Seats.
ATL-Atlantic, QC-Quebec/Nunavut, ON-Ontario, PRA-Prairies/NWT, PAC-Pacific/Yukon, CA1-CA3 At-Large.
Seat terms are determined to stagger regional representation and are grouped as follows;
Even years (ATL-Atlantic, ON-Ontario, CA1 At-Large, CA2 At-Large)
Odd years (QC-Québec/Nunavut, PRA-Prairies/NWT, PAC-Pacific/Yukon, CA3 At-Large)

The United States of America including Puerto Rico and US territories & possessions (US)
8 At-Large Seats.
US1-US8 At-Large.
Seat terms are determined to stagger representation and are grouped as follows;
Even years (US2 At-Large, US4 At-Large, US6 At-Large, US8 At-Large)
Odd years (US1 At-Large, US3 At-Large, US5 At-Large, US7 At-Large)

Any member of GNP+NA is eligible to present themselves for these seats. In order to become a member, please click the Contact Us Tab.  Membership is restricted to People Living with HIV.

Under the Canadian model, regional seats are ideally pre-selected by regional caucuses.
And ratified at the AGM. This does not preclude nominations from the floor if a seat has not been filled by a regional caucus.

Under the US Model, seats are available and chosen via election at the AGM.

To determine which seats are available, please refer to to list presented on the left, noting the current End Year.

Seats with a Term of 1 year indicate a seat that was unable to be filled for the remainder of its mandate.
The Name column indicates the person currently holding each seat.

This section is currently under construction. Any ideas that you may have to improve your needs are strongly encouraged. Please feel free to communicate to us via the Contact Us link.