Gnosis International Inc

Gnosis International Inc is a visual arts content creation and production publisher since 2005.

Our Name "Gnosis" means "Knowledge" in Greek. Knowledge is one of the most powerful and valuable possession of mankind. Knowledge empowers innovation, imagination, change and improvement to civilization throughout history and is passed down from generation to generation through the written word and through drawings, illustrations and diagrams.   

Mission Statement:
Our primary mission is to preserve and pass on knowledge of trade craft, art, literature and industrial innovation of the past centuries through our publications. We are committed to curating, archiving, restoring and preserving historically and culturally significant knowledge and making them available to our valued customers through our ever growing selection of art prints and trade craft publications.

We publish content for numerous interest groups and have customers in North America as well as countries in Europe and in Australia. Our customers don't simply want amazing art on their walls for decor, they also crave something more unusual that will inspire them and motivate them to learn and to do more of the things they are passionate about in life.

Phone Directory:

Customer Service: 
Ph: 1-(253)-271-8541
Human Resources & Hiring:
Ph: 1-(253)-234-4511
Fax: 1-(253)-251-2820

Computer / IT Support: 
Ph: 1-(650)-397-1154

Graphics Dept:
Ph: 1-(805)-769-8293

Production Dept:
Ph: 1-(805)-769-8288