Founding and Settlement

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Founding and Settling

By Abigail Sanders

ased on the information we have revived from our source (our classmates), we collected and combined the data that you are reading about toady! In this article, you will reading about the founding and settlement of the Turners Falls, Patch. Here are our sources.

Turners Falls. The place many call home. Yet some people don’t know the background of Turner's. It was the late 1880’s and a boat was coming to Ellis Island filled with a bunch of Irish and Polish people. Little did they know that they would be one of the first people to settle in Turners Falls. Not only did the Polish and Irish find Turners, but a little, old person named Alvah Crocker helped Turners evolve.


Turners was founded by the well known Alvah Crocker. He even has a building and a street named after him. The apartment is Crocker Cutlery Apartments on 51 Avenue A and the street is Crocker Ave, Turners Falls. He built a lot of things to help contribute to Turners. He built the railroad between Boston and Fitchburg and helped build the road going between Vermont and Massachusetts. Besides trying to help contribute to Turners Falls, he built all of these buildings and roads for financial interest. The sad thing was that he passed away from a breathing problem.


So, how did the civilization in Turner's come to be? Well we have a group of immigrants. The Polish and the Irish. In 1880, 300 Polish came to Ellis island. When they came to America, they split up into three groups. Russia, Prussia/Germany, and Austria (and no. Not the countries). Then the groups Russia, Prussia/Germany and Austria parted their separate ways. Some went to Connecticut while others went to Vermont. The Polish came to Turner's because the farmland was cheap and the conditions elsewhere weren’t so good. The Polish kept saying that since they moved to America that they will thrive and the Americans will starve.


The next foreigners who came were the Irish. There wasn’t much information on the Irish because the Polish outran or overpopulated the Irish. One of the main things that they did was that after the German/Canadians built the mills the Irish came to work in them. Also the Irish were part of the of the rumsellers petition. The rumseller’s petition was dealing with the liquor laws in Turner's. The rumseller petition is mainly about how some people didn’t want people to sell liquor. Other people wanted this to continue including many of the Irish.


So long story short. The founding and settling of Turner's started by the Polish and Irish coming over night and settling. Then a little old man named Alvah Crocker decided to help out. But one question is what gave Crocker the boost to help out? What caused him to help? Did he have a choice. Maybe, maybe not.


                                                                                                    Founding and Settling

                                                                                                           Devin and Dalton

Think of a town in progress. That thought is exactly how Turners Falls was back in the 1800’s through 1900’s. It was a growing community that was built of immigrants . Let’s see what the reaction to these immigrants are. Some were bad, some were good. Over the past hundreds of years people have reacted poorly to immigrants. These immigrants, luckily for America  have went through the bad and stayed with us because the United States is made up of immigrants. When they first arrived in the U.S they were supplying a willingness to work. Especially on  farms where there hard earned money or were put towards down payments on the farms. Though some people were grateful and kind to these people. Some didn’t like immigrants working for them. So they came up with excuses to fire the immigrants. These people treated the immigrants like they are not human. They felt that these people shouldn’t be in America. Even though they were not fans of these new visitors they had a lot to learn from these people, they learned techniques for farming and good investment strategies.

Think of being treated like your opinion does not matter. This is what these immigrants walked into knowing that even if they were a big thing in their old home they are nothing once they make it into U.S. They started at a low state but that changed soon, and sooner than you know it these guys were becoming a big factor in what America is today. As they showed people what they could do people stopped judging these men and women as much, for example they started saving their money and buying farms. They also not only helped us, they had a good time doing it. These immigrants were making a good amount of money more than they were before but just because they had the money that did not mean they were just throwing there money around. These immigrants were good with their profits they new what was smart.

You guys can just say oh that's not bad I work a part time job and am smart with my money. Well think of your part time job add more hours and less pay. If you don't believe me about the men's side of things think about the women. They got no fraternity leave after and they were also doing guys job in hotter weather with less pay. AFTER HAVING A KID!!! Other than their living difficulties these guys had a pretty good life with their American experience.

People in Turners Falls wanted the right to sell liquor. They had a petition to have the right to sell these, liquor, and rum in Turners Falls. The petition was formed by a group of people called the “RumSellers” This petition was going to a group of selectmen who were to vote on what they thought would make Turners a better place all together. The date this was all supposed to happen was on Monday, May 6, 1872. These petitioners were mostly Irish. Over half of them were Irish. Some people wanted the right to sell beer and rum. Others felt that if the right was inforced, Turners Falls would fall apart. Others felt that if they were able to sell these products it would increase profits.                                    

Over a period of time people started to not care. They felt if Turners Falls fell apart, it would be alcohol's fault. So some people might have disagreed on what was going to happen, they new that it would be best to do what the irish wanted because the population was basically built off of the irish. So if they are not happy all the money and benefits that they are bringing to America will be gone and that might not affect America, but it could put a hurt on Turners Falls. When you are trying to build a town what people want is very important.

That's how drinking establishments came to be in Turners Falls. And it could be good. It may even be bad. That's not for the world to decide. That's for all Americans to decide. And the immigrants, same thing, could be bad or good. That's for them to decide.

Xavier Carlo and Brendan Driscoll

When the Polish and the Irish immigrants first came to the U.S they came because of jobs. The polish came because of cheap abandon farms  they would buy and sell their crops. The Irish came because they could build well and they wanted to build churches that would suit their faith.  Most of the immigrant main faith was roman catholic. When the immigrants came the le they thought that they were a disruption and they thought that the immigrants were taking all of the jobs. The Americans started to protest against the immigrants.


One thing the Americans looked down upon was when the Polish would have weddings the would last for days. And when they got out of controll the polish would go to court and be fined. The Americans were vary frustrated with the immigrants they even made a song about it was called “Don't Bite The Hand That's Feeding You”. The song is about how the immigrant taking America for granted and disturbing the peace. There is an article that talks about the riots and protests that the Americans made to show that the didn't want the immigrants in their country anymore.


When the immigrants first came the Americans thought that they would be useful and be able to provide more crops because of their farming skills. Also the Irish made very good construction works the were able to build houses, churches and other useful building providing the numbers of manpower, but it all went downhill from there.

you have taken your time to read this paper then you will know all about the questions you have

Those are the reasons of the immigrants arrival, and the beliefs of Americans to the immigrants approach to becoming an american citizen. Also how america dealt with the immigrants the country for granted. You may have asked why different races were treated differently back then or ¨why Americans were forced to take action upon immigrants¨? Well if asked.

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