This site will help Howard Bishop families find and download information you need to participate in this year's science fair.  If you need additional assistance please contact your science teacher.  

FINISH your Science Fair project!!!

 Here is the TO DO list:
  • Feel really good about all your hard work & preparation so far!
  • Take a look at the Rubric (below) for science fair projects
  • Check Research Plan for comments from teacher
  • Create schedule for completing the project in 5 weeks, allowing for setbacks!
  • Start a digital or notebook LOGBOOK
  • Sketch idea for how to organize Data Table in LOGBOOK.
  • Purchase materials. Record this step in LOGBOOK
  • Set-up the experiment following the Research Plan.
  • Do the project, testing research question according to procedures
  • Record all steps and modifications to procedures in LOGBOOK AND edit Research Plan
  • Record raw data in Data Table in LOGBOOK
  • Conduct multiple trials / repeat the experiment
  • Create graphs of data using computer software
  • Analyze data and look for evidence of trends
  • Write Results and Conclusions sections for display board
  • Write a short summary ("Abstract") of project in 250 words or less [extra credit for Dr. W]
  • Purchase Display Board
  • Print items from Research Plan to put onto display board
  • Assemble Display Board following display board guidelines
  • Plan and practice Speech in front of your parents
  • Feel REALLY good about everything you've achieved in this project!

Link to open Grading Rubric https://docs.google.com/document/edit?hgd=1&id=1DWoSl1K9hFnq7IFGMEcCLBeE-1SEXUlCmb_CDlOfDG4


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